Conservatives programed to trigger at words "Black Lives Matter" by Russian trolls.


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Just after midnight on Halloween, a blaring car alarm and a loud banging sound startled Mirella Castaneda and woke her young son.

A man stood in her driveway in Forest Grove, Ore., slamming his fist into the Black Lives Matter flag draped over the metal garage door as the security alarm on the family’s pickup truck continued to beep.

Castaneda immediately called 911 — but when police showed up, they recognized the man as an off-duty officer named Steven Teets.

Instead of arresting Teets, though, one of the responding officers simply drove him home.

Now, Teets and that officer, Bradley Schuetz, face criminal charges in the incident that Castaneda’s attorneys say “terrorized” her family.

A grand jury has indicted Schuetz for official misconduct after an outside investigation by the Beaverton Police Department, the agency said in a statement Friday. Teets was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct last year. A second responding officer, Amber Daniels, will not face charges, officials said.

Attorneys for Teets and Schuetz did not immediately respond to a request for comment late Sunday. Teets has been on administrative desk duty since late last year, and Schuetz is on paid administrative leave, the Oregonian reported.

The charges raised questions about how police handled the investigation, including whether the officers involved treated Castaneda differently because of her support of the Black Lives Matter movement that has challenged police across the United States over fatal shootings and violent arrests. The Forest Grove Police Department has also recently drawn public scrutiny over the death of James Marshall, who died after police used a stun gun to subdue him as he was having an apparent mental health crisis.

Sheriff’s deputy boasted to extremists about beating Black man, called it 'sweet stress relief,' feds say

An attorney for Castaneda provided The Washington Post with a tort claim declaring her intent to sue the Forest Grove Police Department. The claim describes how police allegedly “worked in concert, either intentionally, or subconsciously due to implicit bias, to deprive Ms. Castaneda of her Constitutional rights” as they investigated the incident last October.

In a statement addressing the charges against Teets and Schuetz, Forest Grove Police Chief HenryReimann said he could not release any information about the October incident until the criminal cases are resolved.

“Sharing such information at this time (or rushing to make decisions based on partial information) could do more harm than good and could potentially hinder the City’s ability to address these important issues,” he said in the statement. “Once the criminal process is complete for each of the officers, an outside law enforcement agency will evaluate if policy violations occurred.”

In the suburb about 30 miles west of Portland, Castaneda is one of the only homeowners who openly displays Black Lives Matter banners and signs, according to her claim. About 25,500 people live in Forest Grove; more than two-thirds of those residents are White, nearly 23 percent are Latino and fewer than 1 percent of residents identify as Black, according to census data.

After the Chauvin verdict, Minneapolis activists fuel up and prepare for the long fight ahead

The signs allegedly attracted Teets’s attention in the early morning hours of Oct. 31, when he allegedly strode up Castaneda’s driveway, setting off the security alarm on the family’s pickup truck and pounding on a Black Lives Matter flag. Teets allegedly kicked the front door, shouted at the family inside the home and refused to leave.

“Officer Teets terrorized Ms. Castaneda and her family and yelled at them to fight,” according to the claim.
Fifteen minutes after Castaneda called 911, two Forest Grove police officers arrived at her home and identified Teets as he was walking in the street nearby, according to court records.

Investigators ultimately revealed that Teets appeared to be “highly intoxicated” when Schuetz and Daniels arrived on the scene, according to a memo reported by the Portland Tribune last month.

Teets allegedly “squared up” with the two officers, fists raised as if he wanted to fight them. He did not recognize his colleagues, the memo said.

The responding officers did not check Teets for weapons, according to Castaneda’s tort claim. Then, Schuetz drove Teets to his nearby home, “only blocks away from the Castaneda family,” according to the claim, and helped the intoxicated officer to his front door.

The officers who interviewed Castaneda on Halloween did not tell her that they had identified Teets as the man who attacked her home, nor did they divulge that they had already taken him home.

“For my own sanity and my family’s, I just felt like I needed to know what happened,” Castaneda told the Tribune. “This really shook my sense of safety.”

When communities try to hold police accountable, law enforcement fights back

Nearly three days later, officials finally disclosed Teets’s name and let a shaken Castaneda know that he had been arrested.

Castaneda has alleged that officers violated department policy and Oregon law when they “failed to tell [her] that the suspect lived near her family and carried a firearm as part of his job as an officer.”

Even after providing Teets’s name, investigators did not tell Castaneda that he was a police officer. According to her claim, she discovered that Teets worked for the Forest Grove Police Department only after she searched for his name on the Internet.

Her lawyers also alleged that police did not document the possible political motives at play when Teets targeted Castaneda’s home. The responding officers did not turn on body cameras during the investigation as required by department policy, nor did they note the existence of the Black Lives Matter flags prominently displayed on Castaneda’s property in their reports.

“The treatment of Ms. Castaneda as a second-class citizen based on her political viewpoint by the investigating officers added insult to injury, and further compounded the emotional trauma she and her family had experienced at the hands of Officer Teets,” her lawyer said.

The Forest Grove Police Department ultimately passed the criminal investigation over to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, which brought charges against Teets in November. Reimann, the Forest Grove police chief, also requested an administrative investigation be done by the police department in nearby Beaverton, which charged Schuetz last week.

Castaneda’s attorney Michael Fuller told The Post that the criminal charges have given Castaneda hope that the city will address the failures that may have inhibited the prosecutor’s ability to pursue more aggressive charges in the case against Teets.

“I honestly didn’t expect much to come from the internal review, certainly not a criminal probe of the police officers involved,” Fuller told The Post in an email. “The charge of official misconduct substantiates what my client and I have been alleging for the past six months.”


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As you may have heard, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) verbally harassed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) in the Capitol on Wednesday. According to Post reporters who witnessed the event, Greene chased after Ocasio-Cortez and accused her of sympathizing with “terrorists and antifa.”

It is impossible to divorce this episode from its larger context, which is that people like Greene represent a form of ongoing right-wing radicalization that is inextricably bound up with a profoundly deranged and hallucinatory depiction of the left.

The episode prompted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to suggest that it might warrant an Ethics Committee investigation. Pelosi denounced Greene’s “abuse” of Ocasio-Cortez and called on House GOP leaders to impose a “respectable behavior standard” on Republicans.

But some Democrats think more needs to be done. Rep. David N. Cicilline (R.I.) plans to ask the House sergeant-at-arms to take a more active role, possibly by speaking to Greene and telling her such conduct is unacceptable.

“Once again, Marjorie Taylor Greene has crossed the line,” Cicilline told me. “It’s completely unacceptable. There’s a pattern of behavior. I’m concerned that if we don’t do something, it will continue to escalate.”

“I’m going to ask the sergeant-at-arms to directly speak with Marjorie Taylor Greene and make it clear she can’t confront other members of Congress,” Cicilline continued, though he noted it’s unclear precisely what the sergeant-at-arms’ role is supposed to be in this unusual situation.

“I’m going to discuss what additional steps we can take to ensure that all members can come to work and feel safe,” Cicilline told me, vowing to pursue this until he has "confidence that everyone can come to work safely.”

The episode began when Greene shouted, “Hey, Alexandria!” twice at Ocasio-Cortez. According to the report, this is what happened next:
When Ocasio-Cortez did not stop walking, Greene picked up her pace and began shouting at her and asking why she supports antifa, a loosely knit group of far-left activists, and Black Lives Matter, falsely labeling them “terrorist” groups. Greene also shouted that Ocasio-Cortez was failing to defend her “radical socialist” beliefs by declining to publicly debate the freshman from Georgia.
“You don’t care about the American people,” Greene shouted. “Why do you support terrorists and antifa?”
I do not claim any special insights into Greene’s mental condition. But it’s important to note that Greene regularly traffics in a strain of wildly insane anti-leftist hyperbole that has appeal far outside her mental precincts. It has great seductive reach on the right, which is no small part of what makes Greene a right-wing superstar.

Much of that derangement, of course, is focused on Ocasio-Cortez herself.

Indeed, don’t forget that last September, then-candidate Greene posted on Facebook an image of herself with a gun alongside imagery of Ocasio-Cortez and other members of “the Squad.”

"We need strong conservative Christians to go on the offense against these socialists who want to rip our country apart,” Greene said in that post, which Facebook subsequently removed.

This sort of depiction of a ferociously destructive and monolithic socialist leftist enemy who wants to level the country is regular fodder for Greene. She has typically gotten attention for ravings about staged mass shootings and space lasers.
But the violently hyperbolic depictions of the leftist threat are even worse.

That’s because they carry with them the vague hint that anything is justified in response to that leftist enemy. Greene promoted the “Stop the Steal” rally (which culminated in the insurrection) as potentially being the GOP’s “1776 moment.”
She endorsed the killing of prominent Democrats. And just before the 2020 election, she suggested that a Democratic win would destroy “freedom,” which can only be won back “with the price of blood.”

Greene is easy to dismiss as crazy, but such talk is par for the course among Republicans and their media allies. Just after meeting with President Biden this week, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) — who is the House Minority Leader, last we checked — blasted out a fundraising email about “Corrupt Joe Biden” imposing his “radical Socialist agenda” on America.

Images of antifa burning down cities juxtaposed with Ocasio-Cortez and “the Squad” appear in standard-issue GOP ads. As president, Donald Trump had his top national security and law enforcement officials use their official stature to largely manufacture an organized and violent leftist terrorist threat for him to run against.

Tucker Carlson, the most popular TV host on the right, says Democrats are engineering the mass importation of immigrants to replace virtuous native-born Americans, and agreed with a guest that leftists just might push conservatives into fascism. And so on.

It’s hard to see this ending anytime soon. One can only hope it doesn’t get any worse than Greene shouting deranged crackpottery at Democrats as they politely hurry away.


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When are they gonna ban guns from the capital building? They have metal detectors for entering the floor, but what about for entering the building? What about making it a federal crime to be in unauthorized possession of a firearm while on the Capital hill grounds? This crazy bitch probably has an arsenal in her office and it sounds like she could go off the deep end at any time.


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When are they gonna ban guns from the capital building? They have metal detectors for entering the floor, but what about for entering the building? What about making it a federal crime to be in unauthorized possession of a firearm while on the Capital hill grounds? This crazy bitch probably has an arsenal in her office and it sounds like she could go off the deep end at any time.
Who knows if she is crazy or just knows that she can get some click bait as a troll 'owning the libs' while spewing the hateful propaganda that the Russian military helped set up for Trump and the Republicans to maintain power.


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Who knows if she is crazy or just knows that she can get some click bait as a troll 'owning the libs' while spewing the hateful propaganda that the Russian military helped set up for Trump and the Republicans to maintain power.
Still banning guns from the capital and grounds would be a good idea along with metal detectors on the doors and the sergeant at arms being allowed to wand anybody with a metal detector and shove his finger up her ass (with a glove on ) if the fucking thing beeps! :lol:


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i'd file suit against MTG for assault..the white coats are going to have to drag that skank away..what you are witnessing now what it's like when someone trolls you and you won't let the troll consummate; the troll goes berserk.

it's pretty fun to watch.

i'm wondering why MTG and Boebert haven't teamed up? two Karens would kill each other.
It's hard, you got to keep your side hustle away from your main hustle when you are a overprivelaged white male chauvinist.

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A North Carolina court of appeals judge was summoned by a criminal court Friday after being accused of nearly hitting Black Lives Matter protesters at a demonstration in downtown Fayetteville on May 7.

Judge John M. Tyson of Cumberland County has been summoned to appear in a courtroom in his own county next month where he will need to answer to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, the Fayetteville Observer reported.

Tyson is one of the most high-profile people accused of being aggressive toward protests demanding racial justice and police reform in the wake of worldwide demonstrations after the killing of George Floyd last year.

The summons came after local activist Myah Warren, 23, told a Cumberland County magistrate judge Friday that Tyson was the one who drove the vehicle that nearly hit her and other Fayetteville Activist Movement rally goers who were protesting fatal police shootings, according to the newspaper.

Warren told The Washington Post on Monday that she believes Tyson was intentionally trying to harm protesters based on his track record as a judge.

“He’s a well-known racist,” she said, referring to a case in which Tyson rejected the notion of race being a factor in the killing of a Black man who was fatally struck by a White man’s shotgun at a 2016 party.

David T. Courie Sr., a law partner at Fayetteville-based Beaver Courie Sternlicht Hearp & Broadfoot law firm, confirmed to the Observer that his firm is representing Tyson in the matter, stressing that the charges are coming from an individual and not law enforcement and emphasizing that the charges came a week after the incident.

Tyson and Courie didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment about the video, the charge or the allegation of racism.

The city released a 12-minute video of the incident Friday, which shows the SUV that Tyson allegedly drove cruising along the downtown area. Almost 10 minutes later, the same vehicle is seen driving in a closed-to-traffic inner lane painted “Black Lives Do Matter.” The vehicle made a quick stop in the lane before getting back in open traffic lanes.

It’s unclear how close the SUV was to Warren or other protesters.

Warren alleges that Tyson drove around the area once in his state-owned vehicle when no one was in his way. The second time, she said, he sped up and tried to hit the group but he ended up jumping the curb.

Dispatch calls obtained by the Observer revealed that Tyson called to report that there were people in the street blocking traffic and that they were coming around his car. Video released by the city doesn’t show protesters gathering near Tyson’s vehicle.

“It’s a baldfaced lie,” Warren said of Tyson’s call. “He needs to be dealt with for making false accusations to 911.”

Warren said she tried to press charges twice before at the magistrate’s office only to be instructed by civil officers that she couldn’t, or was informed that Tyson was no longer a judge — which is untrue. It wasn’t until an investigator reviewed footage of the incident that she was told she had a case, she said.

Warren, a Fayetteville-Cumberland Human Relations Commission member, said that Tyson’s alleged action was the most violent experience she’s had in her years of participating in demonstrations.

The judge, who had strong Republican and conservative backing for his run, has been serving on the court of appeals since 2015 and has strong influence in the Fayetteville area, according to Warren. That kind of clout has turned away nearly every lawyer she’s asked for help in her case, she said.

“The whole situation sucks because I feel as if he’s going to get away with it. You were driving a state vehicle, you tried to hit protesters and you lied to 911,” she said. “There’s only so much I can do.”