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    After doing a cfl grow the first time round I threw together a 350w cob led light. They are 50 watt bridgelux cobs and I am running them at 36 volts and 1.2 amps which is more or less the test specs that say they give out a typical 6000 lumens each. So I have 7.

    Im thinking there is an issue with the lights, I have downloaded 2 different android light meters and they are both saying that my lux at the canopy is 6-7000 pretty consistantly. The lights are 0.8m above the plants. Around 0.5m below the lights I am reading 20-26000 lux and like 10cm below 100000.

    I have read that I need about 50'000 lux for vigorous growth.

    Can anyone say if this is correct. And can someone with a 400w hps advise what lux they are getting at the top of their canopy when the lights are far enough away to not cause heat stress so I have something to compare it too.

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    Could be the light sensor on your phone, I was playing around with one also a couple of days ago. 200 watt was showing approx 22,000 lux at 32" away. Not sure how accurate these apps are, try it on a different phone and check some readings. For vegging 22,000 does the trick.

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    Why do you think there is an issue?

    The question is, where does bridgelux take their readings from (ie distance)?

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