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Since I moved I'm still unpacking stuff for the growroom.... Found these beans from over a at least a year or so ago. Finally popped em. No use of just sittin in the plastic... The two in the spear tube are Sour Blueberry from HSO (humbolt seed organization) image.jpgimage.jpg


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And that's exactly who I'm thinking that fits that description , he better run and hide.

Yes it really does help to have a good attorney on retainer to all you in non med states.

It's ok I'm not gonna let me bring me down or bring my spirits down.
I am whacked to read this Giggs. I am very stoked to see you stride through it!!

Do move to the next good place and forward.



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That Goji has potential! Hope you get a female!
I know man same thing I was thinking. But either way I'd take the male happily too. I've done a lot if research on it because I want to cross it with this clone only cashmere I've had for years and I just so happen to loose my mom during this recent move:wall:, so I was like no need to hold on ...

Lineage: (Snow lotus (afgooey x blockhead) x Nepali go kush (grass valley go kush)


Hey guys it's been a shitty fucking few days, got raided and I've got quite a good idea who it was who ratted me out.

They took everything I had, I lost all my genetics, fucking everything is gone :(

It's okay I will be back and next time will be even better, they can't bring me down. Thank god for attorneys or I'd still be in the clinker.

Take care all, I'll be back in some shape or form, until then take care my club 6 friends!


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I will bro, thanks.

Dirty mother fuckers. So I got my charges today. Trying to charge me with 400lbs, are you fucking kidding me. Maybe soil, plants and wet weight but no way I was moving that much...


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