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    69F831BA-EB61-4E6A-8994-D927DDA82D49.jpeg 7A72CF6B-BBF6-4501-B163-FCFB82ECBE2C.jpeg C4A6C392-5585-47F6-A1C4-5763C7A3A495.jpeg I’m growing gsc and norther lights

    They are under a 1000w de nanolux maxpar mh using a yield lab ballast

    Humidity is at 45% temps are at 79 degrees

    Medium is a organic living soil very high quality

    I’ve been having these problems for some time the leaves are cupping and looking like they are lacking some major N in there life.

    I’ve taken the following steps I’ve raised the light for a week didn’t change anything

    I cut back on watering didn’t change anything

    I feed them with some general hydroponics grow
    Didn’t change anything.

    They have great roots really white.

    My growth has also slowed down

    The first picture is a norther lights that looks like it’s lacking nitrogen.

    One thing I was doing was ph my water to 6.5
    I’ve been reading lots of threads on here where that is not recommended in good soil.

    I appreciate all your help and advice.
    70's natureboy

    70's natureboy Well-Known Member

    It doesn't look like a hungry plant. It must be trying to acclimate itself to the high quality soil.
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    youraveragehorticulturist Well-Known Member

    Don't kill your High Quality Organic Living Soil by dumping G.O. Grow all over it, or ph-ing the water.

    Did you make the soil yourself? That's the way my plants look if my soil didn't cook properly, and stuff is still breaking down, resulting in crazy "swings" (ph swings maybe?) and lockout issues. The Nitrogen is in the dirt, but with the soil all crazy and the micro bacteria/fungus not well established, it's not available.

    Another possibility is that your soil was well broken down and ready to go. And that you also had strong bacteria/fungus for a True, living soil. But then you killed it with the chemically-loaded, ph'ed water. Now your soil is "crazy" and your microbes aren't doing their thing, so the Nitrogen is not usable/accesable by your plants.

    Either way, I would run a little plain water through your pots. Not some crazy flush, just water until you get a little run off. Then water with a nicely aerated compost/worm casting tea. Clear out the problematic, ph'd water then Re-Establish your microbes.
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    WingAK Well-Known Member

    i didn’t make the soil myself it’s from a small family business in Alaska

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    I just recently went through the same thing. I decided to try going organic, made my own no feed supersoil. Didn't let it cook properly and it turned into a shit show. Excuse the language. I have much respect for the guys nailing it with that method of growing. I'm back to coco myself. Although I do have a couple plants in flower doing great with that same soil I recycled.
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    NanoGadget Well-Known Member

    I had the same thing happen the first time i made my own. Oddly enough, nothing really worked to fix the problem, but eventually the plants seemed to stabilize and ended up being a nice grow.
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    WingAK Well-Known Member

    You know I think that’s what’s happening to my plants it looks like they are starting to even out today the leaves are un cupping and the just look happier I can’t explain how they look happier it’s just a feeling when I looked at them this evening.

    westcoast420 Well-Known Member

    How far away is your light? Are u doing 24/7 light schedule?
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    bearded.beaver Well-Known Member

    You could try an earthworm casting tea. It will add small amounts of nutrients and beneficial microbes. The microbes will help even things out over the long run as well

    WingAK Well-Known Member

    I’ve played around with my light hight had them at 25 had them at 30 had them at 4 feet high. 27 inches is my sweet spot I believe

    westcoast420 Well-Known Member

    Thats very close for a de 1000, most guys have them at least 3' if not more above the canopy.
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