Can late watering effect cured bud density?

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    Ok bear with me. First grow.

    I'm wondering how super dense buds at harvest could change to a bit airy a few days into drying. Drying is at @ 60%RH 65F, no fans. At this point they feel fairly loose in comparison to commercial medical nugs. My plant squeezing during flower (is that a thing?) the "test nugs" felt super dense to me.

    I did water 3 days before harvest. So one theory is a) that they were a bit swollen and the drying would leave them a bit airy/loose because I watered too close to harvest The other theories b) I screwed up with nutes or stress or something else. And finally c) I'm worrying too much everything will be fine. Honestly c) has been the case so far... but would curing return the density?

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    Could be a few things, heat & or light would be my first choice of cause. I grew on HID and struggled with heat, would get around 82-84 in the tent, light would be up a bit higher, lots of airflow. The two harvests I took were a bit airy, also had a bit of stretch.
    My current is on a LED, temps have been manageable 79f max, light can be at optimal height. Bud on first cut were clearly denser, barely any stretch etc.

    Strains have a play in it as well, i get all of mine from a single source, he grows all the same way and there are variations in the buds for sure. Some more airy, others very dense.

    I am not sure watering has much affect, but cant be certain. I usually dump a couple gal through my soil, then lay off watering the last 2 weeks. Im at 13 days since last water and not even wilted yet.

    Hope this helps... Post pics ;-) we love bud porn

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    Yah, after I start cure I'll post a grow log w/ pix since even with all my dumb mistakes and a surprise heat wave followed by a cold snap I got pretty decent yield.. fimmed and scrog'd. Learned some lessons there.

    This won't help answer my questions - but if you like pics, this is harvest day, rough trim for hanging dry, and same but a close up in better lighting.

    IMG_20171126_093504.jpg IMG_20171126_201456.jpg Tri2611-0001.jpg
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    Pretty normal and has nothing to do with last watering. Fresh buds are about 70% water so they are going to lose weight and feel loose or spongy during dry. They will set up hard again toward end of cure when rh in jars gets to 60% or lower.
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    Cool thanks.. I'll keep my eye on them.

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    Holy bejebusphat. They really did tighten up quite a bit at 62%RH. Whew!
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