Blue Mistic from Royal Queen


Just finished flowering a Blue Mistic mother that my friend was discarding and thought I'd let you know how it went.

Strain: Blue Mistic Royal Queen Seeds/ Indica

Growth: Roots Organic mix in large tote container. Typical Indica pattern, Very smelly grow

Nutes: Botanicare Power Flower/Liquid Karma/GH Liquid Kool Bloom/CalMag+

Yield: Very high, chunky buds

Bag Appeal: Nice looking large buds

Smell: Strong fruity

Taste: Smooth

The High: A strong, mellow body high

Comments: I like many things about this plant. It is a very vigorous heavy producer, with a nice indica high, plus it finishes early. However I will not grow it again do to it's very strong odor during the grow. Out of 5 strains this one stunk up the house the most by far, and it was only one plant. This is odd because Royal Queen claims a low odor plant. It is too risky for me to have a plant give off this much smell.

Overall it is a very nice Indica strain (though there are many better out there) and if you can stand the odor it might be worth a try.



Final bud shots...
Liked everything about this plant except the strong oder during grow. Only had one seed so don't know if it was an odd pheno
I dont care for the smell get a carbon filter if u can bro but i loved this strain it smelld like candy fuel baby shit reallly stinky and taste amazing and smokes great.