Black cherry pie x dosi cookies


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Here goes,
So been dying to have go at breeding For years now and after loads of reading gona give it a go
i have got
inhouse genetics black cherry pie f5 Reg
Bc bud depot dosi cookies reg (on way)
Screenshot_20201231-190846_Samsung Internet.jpgScreenshot_20210109-202407_Samsung Internet.jpg

I want to cross these 2 although i havnt grown either of these strains and not sure on phenos i would get out the packs.
I assume not many if any differnt phenos from the cherry pie f5
Maybe a few from the dosi cookies...

I plan on getting this as a small breeding tent so i can keep my 8x4 tent to flower in 90x60x135 would it be big enough to flower small male clones for pollen or breeding together to clones Screenshot_20210110-180056_Samsung Internet.jpg

Any help and input that would help me along way would be great and watch i will be updating as i do it but not starting the pips till 25th this month when my plants now are at around week 7