Big Buddha cheese fem or blue cheese fem


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Interested in this my self currently growing Big Buddha's Bad Azz Cheese havent been able to find much info on them.


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From my experience, the blue cheese is not a vigorous growing plant,its a slow starter.I have limited height in my grow space (6 feet,minus 2 ft. for the light and space between light and plant)the Blue Cheese fit perfectly, averaging 3-4 feet with a month veg period. ,the taste and smell are exceptional. It sells itself.
The BBC on the other hand grew really fast and exploded when flowered, I had to put them outside, free to around 6 feet with a month veg.pest resistant, smelled more sweet than cheesy. Small buds but really good indica buzz,(chicks loved it).
For the money I pick blue cheese hands down.


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The 2 are good i préfer the blue cheese, only because ive smoked too Much of cheese and grew tired of it along critical + and orange bud wich are the strain that you Will find in France, there a lot of good grower with good strain but you Will not find them on the street