Best way to clean glass pipe?

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    fwiw rubbing alcohol and sea salt works really good for a cheap solution. Put some sea salt in your pipe and then put it in a plastic air tight container that has rubbing alcohol and some more sea salt. Close the container (you could use tupperware) and shake until the pipe is clean.

    VLRD.Kush Well-Known Member

    I let mine soak in the Iso. alcohol/ salt solution for a bit, then shake it. It lets the alcohol break away some of that resin first.

    Then after I shake it in the alcohol, I run it under hot hot hot water from the sink. Usually does the job.

    SBR Member

    yeah 99% icy and coarse salt
    chuck estevez

    chuck estevez Well-Known Member

    drive down the frwy, light bowl until resin glows red, hold pipe out window and let wind burn everything inside. works awesome,lol

    6ohMax Well-Known Member

    let peice run under hot water for about a minute, then get 2 sandwich bags, some 90+% Alcohol, and put peice in bag with rubbing alcohol in microwave for about 10-15 sec, take out and shake the shit outta it....take out and rinse with hot water

    dtowndabber Well-Known Member

    I used iso and salt for years. It works great!

    But Grunge Off is better. Biodegradable, all natural, reusable, soak. Not zip locks and shaking your pieces around to get the salt to scrub. Just soak over night when you go to bed, and rinse with hot water in the morning. No scrubbing needed.

    Even quick 10min soaks get the majority of it. The rest can be whipped away with a qtip

    bundee1 Well-Known Member

    I second the Grunge Off rec. Clean Grunge Off works wonders and will continue to pretty well as long as you strain and rinse most stuff out. Whatever G/O cant get is left to ISO and coarse sea salt.

    jamesroy990 New Member

    Remove any loose materials from the pipe. Hold the pipe upside down and gently tap to remove any remaining particles. It is the best way to clean the glass pipe

    nighsmokes New Member

    I like to keep the resin for desperate times. So any liquid solution is out. What tools are there? I know i can use bobbypins but there has to be something out there to make it less messy.

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