Best things to do while you're high?

Discussion in 'Stonable Quotables' started by felissc, Jun 12, 2012.


    felissc Member

    Usually when I get baked I sit with my friends and listen to music and giggle about nothing in particular. But I started thinking about other stuff that might be fun to do while you're stoned. So yesterday I smoked in the morning and then took my shower and got dressed and stuff- hot showers are AMAZING when you're high! So is brushing your teeth. Lol I know it sounds weird but it was definitely an experience.

    So, what are other unorthodox things you've done while you're high? Funny stories? Good/not good things to do? Let's hear them!

    charface Well-Known Member

    Showers and brushing your teeth are not unorthodox, lol

    scroglodyte Well-Known Member

    smoke pot................

    ExIzTenChal34 Active Member

    Im a pretty big fan of busting a nut in my girls face when I get thoroughly baked. Defiantly induces a shit tone more natural endorphin's & afterwords I tend to find myself laying down in a complete peaceful state of nirvana.

    futureprospects Active Member

    hahah busting a nut is deffo a great feeling high! Best is when you just lay there best feeling ever feel bad for the girl with the nut in her face hopefully she wasnt hight!

    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    Every time I have sex when Im incredibly baked its always interesting.. Ill act like a dinosaur or something and just have a great time laughing with the lady

    Hi-gene though man lol for some reason I always brush my teeth and take a shower when Im getting baked.. You feel SQUEAKY clean

    Its also fun to watch TV, I personally love writing and drawing
    OH and my guitar creativity is increased ten fold. Id never organize a song, not high.
    I have before, but there is a noticable difference
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    Cut.Throat. Active Member

    I like programming when I'm baked.

    chrishydro Well-Known Member

    Live like out in the no where. Ok, the neighbor calls me and asks me to go accross the street to his house and help his wife in the backyard, claims she is trying to break up a fight between his dog and a small animal, he is about twenty minutes away. I am in underwear, stoned, in bed and watching tv. When I say stoned I mean like outer space somewhere. I get up, get a shotgun and put rubber boots on (it was raining) I head to the kitchen to get a beer and there sits my 20 year old son. I say "boy get a damm shotgun and come on" he looks at me with jaw wide open and says "Dad, whats going on"? I realize that I am standing in front of my son with a shotgun in my hand and a pair or underwear on and some knee high rubber boots. Well what a fucking sight that must have been, most lilely will cost him like a year in therapy lol.. Any way I explain the situation, say im soory, go put pants on and we both went over there. By the time we got there the critter was dead, the mom was crying, the daughter was also freeking out and the Dog was OK. I got rid of the critter and the dad bought me a bottle of crown royal the next day...... As to my son, I have never had a talk with him about the rubber boot, underwear, shotgun thing.... Real stonner move. lol

    Goldowitz Well-Known Member

    Fucking awesome.bongsmilie

    drolove Well-Known Member

    LMFAO chrishydro!

    me and friends sit around, smoke, maybe play some video games, LOTS of random conversations...kinda goes with the shower thing originally posted...i smoke in the shower sometimes lol. just bring a bubbler in there, hit it, and put in on the toilet
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    lightitsmokeit420 Well-Known Member

    coming on the RIU watching sports then playing that sport haha idk man youve seen half baked right? EVERYTHING IS BETTER HIGH lmao you see those stars man.....? you ever seen them on WEED..? ITS FUCKIN TRIPPY MAN their all ooooooo

    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    Lol okay so I dont know how baked you get but like

    When I first started smoking me and a buddy decided to make a cooking show whilst BAKED because his parents just had unlimited food in their itallian kitchen BEGGING to be cooked. These shows consisted of making the most ate up meals known to man, that tasted GREAT. Also just consisted of laughter and conversations about politics and christinity and how it related too food... Dude I need to find those videos, he might still have them, if I do Ill post them up here lol I forgot about that shit
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    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    When I am baked I enjoy surfing RIU reading threads about people getting baked.

    coyoteinv Member

    go hunting rabbits, deer, bear I seem to be able to see everything that moves in the woods

    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    Oh god.. Lol I havent laughed so hard in awhile

    greenlikemoney Well-Known Member

    I like to chillax and watch "The Weed Nerd" on ever try to keep up with Subcool "bong for bong"? It's nearly impossible, but alot of fun trying !!!!!!!

    Ringsixty Well-Known Member

    Frying Bacon in the nude.

    JSmash Member

    I smoke all day so I guess....everything?
    But particularly: park walking, or king of the hill watching depending on the weather. Rc toys are super fun too...

    kinetic Well-Known Member

    My step dad gave me life advice when I was 12, he said "never cook bacon naked".:bigjoint:
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    MISSPHOEBE Well-Known Member

    I don't smoke anymore
    but when I did
    I loved watching Movies
    being so baked you'd watch a great movie
    really enjoy it
    and then not remember a single thing about it
    an be able to watch it again!
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