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    How to Change your Avatar

    click your name on the top right hand corner and click "avatar" from the drop down menu
    from there you are prompted to upload a new avatar!

    How to post photos from PC

    There are several ways to post photos from a PC in the reply box you have 2 options

    First option

    click the image button located on the row of icons
    Next a box will pop up where you will link the copied image file and select insert

    Second option

    Click upload a file button located in the reply box from there your computer will open its go to source for photos you can choose which photo from there
    Third option

    Click the more options button located next to the upload a file button found in the reply box, from there you will be taken to a new page and new reply box which has other icons from there you will select upload a file

    How to upload a video

    We do not support all video functions however you will click the video strip located next to the photo icon found in your reply box , from there it shows which videos we support and you may enter in the copied link

    How to quote a user or reply

    By clicking the Reply button found underneath the users whose post you want to reply to, the reply box will be filled with the user's quote coded for you. Should you want to multi quote several users in a thread you will just click the reply button to each user you wish to reply to and quote. The system will auto put in all quoted material for you until you are ready to type.

    General Bar Selection & Functions

    At the top of every page you will see several "clickable" links
    Forums (which is a list of all forum categories found on rollitup)

    Resources (not used)

    Grow Journals **it is important to note should you be a brand new user you are not permitted in this area due to privledges you will be given an error, this will eventually go away once you become more active** The grow journal area is a blog like feature members use to document their grows should you wish to want to set up a grow journal THREAD you can do so found on the front page "Forums" > Grow Journals

    Members this is a list of members you can sort through members who have most points, posts, and staff members which can help you

    Advertise Here should you own a company and want to advertise with rollitup this is the place you click to do so, our mod staff will only direct you the advertise here button as we have a different team who handles our sales.

    Underneath the main headers the most used buttons are

    Watched Threads this is commonly where you will find threads you have started or particpated in, this is so you can keep track and continue to converse

    New posts - keep up to date with the newest postings and comments found on rollitup easiest way to see newest content
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    General Bar & Functions Continued
    Directly to the right of the previous functions you will see 4 main controls
    Your name, your Inbox (also known as private messages), Alerts & the Search button
    We'll go through these in detail

    Your username button
    by mousing over your user name you will see a variety of forum functions I will break each important one down in detail

    Personal Details allows you to make a status message for your profile page, change your avatar, fix your birthday update general information and about you content.

    Signature **note if you are a new user to riu you will be unable to change your signature until you are established as a member this can take time** This is where you have the ability to upload a signature

    Contact Details how to change your password , your email address, and how you receive alerts from rollitup via email. It also allows you to add your twitter,facebook , and other social media accounts. Due to the wide variety of forum based websites that use xenforo it is there, we strongly suggest you do not put any personal information on yourself here

    Privacy Who can view your profile, who can view your blogs, and who shows if youre offline or online

    Avatar- to change your avatar

    Password- change your password

    Your news feed this is where people you follow will have a feed of their posts

    Conversations this is your private messaging area, aka inbox **note this is a limited function unless you are an established member**

    People you Ignore, should you find a member irratating or annoying, or someone you simply do not like we have a function that allows you to block all their content, please use it it works well

    Log out - logs you out of riu

    Should you mouse over your inbox you can see a list of recent conversations (private messages)
    you can also "Start a conversation" on the bottom right
    Should you click your inbox button it will take you to a sperate page view of your inbox
    Please note I have blacked out all my inbox conversations it is also important to note you cannot share anything on rollitup publicly that was said in private


    Should you see little red notification on alerts with a number , it is rollitups way of telling you someone has interacted with your content!
    by mousing over the alerts bar you will see if someone have quoted your post, commented on a thread you have subsribed or "watched", or if someone likes your content

    Please note likes are only available for established members, if you do not see a like button you are too new.

    Please note after ignoring alerts for a certain amount of time on specific threads you will no longer be alerted if someone comments on that thread, however if you are watching or subscribed to that thread it can still be found under "Watched Threads"

    Search bar

    The search bar is found on every page of rollitup by clicking into the search bar white area you will get a drop down box of ways to filter your search
    should you be looking for a member or if youre looking for content.
    It helps to search within the forum area you want rather than the main first page of rollitup
    the search bar can be slow , so bear with it it has to filter through all threads on rollitup since 2006 and there is A LOT! but the search bar is your avid friend and little helper. Please use it!

    Knowing more about a user
    Should you feel interested to know more about someone you can click their avatar which will bring up a box that gives you short amount of details on them

    Please note I have blacked out this users info that states users name, and a function for mods

    This box has various functions
    the users profile page
    starting a conversation
    follow or unfollow (i have this user followed)
    ignore (should this user bother you)
    how long they have been a member, how many messages/posts they have on rollitup , how many likes they have, how many points and when they were last seen

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    Your Profile Page
    mousing over your name top right click profile page

    this is where you will see all the information you have put
    this is where you can see your followers, and people you follow
    where you can check your visitor messages (these are not private)
    your recent acivitiy
    and areas.

    Creating A Thread
    go to the subforum you want to post in
    Click Post new thread on the right hand side found under your name


    Q. someone is posting what you feel is malicious content , spam or otherwise not acceptable on the forum what can you do?

    A By hitting REPORT POST found slightly under the users post it will bring up a box with your report reason
    than the mod staff is alerted to the reported content from there we choose whether or not it should belong

    Q. I cant access grow journals, likes, inbox, signature or other content I just get "no permission"
    A This is because you are too new of a user, if you are an older user prior to 2014, however still get this message it is because you did not exceed the useage that xenforo allows for permission prior to the switch from vbulletin to xenforo.
    Become active, talk with people, post, make friends read threads eventually you will get permission. This is so we limit our spam on rollitup

    Q I cant edit my post or delete my thread why?
    A Users are only allowed a maximum of 72 hours before they can edit a post, should you need a post deleted please contact an admin or mod, or make a thread in support we will be happy to assist you can also report your own threads and explain what you need done.

    Q I found a bug on the website where do I post?
    A Please post in support so we can get the problem fixed!

    Q I need a thread moved to the proper location
    A You can contact a mod or report your thread /the thread in question

    Q My connection to a proxy or tor is NOT allowing riu to function properly help!?
    A Not all tors or proxies are compatible with xenforo software, it is best you try a different, however we take user security as a top priority and you should feel safe using our forum without but we understand if you dont, that being said we cannot be a troubleshooter for a program that isnt ours :(

    Q Do you have a rollitup app
    A We did it can still sometimes be found in the play store / apple store it wont allow you to buy it sorry.

    Q do you have tapatalk
    A As of 2015 tapatalk no longer supports rollitups version of xenforo sorry!

    Q Rollitups chat room doesnt work what gives?
    A The chat room has been down for several years now sorry! It looks as if shall not return

    Q Can I do a giveaway or contest?
    A No , currently we do not support any contents or giveaways done by users as it can cause us legal troubles however you are welcome to for bragging rights

    Q Delete my account ?
    A We do NOT delete accounts on rollitup we can however ban your account

    Q How to change my user name?
    A We do not allow user name changes

    Q What does the B symbol stand for next to someones name? And why are some colored and some black/white

    A The B symbol is that the user has a grow journal blog, having it in color means they have recently updated their blog, being black and white means they have no new content.

    Q What does well known member, active member or new member mean?
    A It justs a way to show whos been here longer it is not necessarily a ranking or position of growing powers

    Q What does the pair of glasses me next to a thread
    A means you are watching the thread
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    homegrown100 Member

    Hi guys new on the page.... Just started a grow and wanted a bit of help.

    dazzyballz Well-Known Member


    astralqueer New Member

    Thanks! This is the most helpful FAQ I've seen so far!
    i couldn't figure out why I couldn't like posts, but now I get it. :lol:
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    excellent glad it helped i still have more to put up on here but its lengthy process and takes alot of time
    welcome to riu
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    steel smoking

    steel smoking Member

    I couldn't figure out the like thing also. now I know. I have seen people mention stickys ? what does that mean? thank you.

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    a sticky or pinned post is a post at the top of the forum areas, it doesnt move its stuck there
    typically those posts are general knowledge on growing, in this subforum its about support for the website
    this post is a sticky post. you will notice it was a little thumbnail pin next to it on the main support page.

    vostok Well-Known Member

    info for new and old members

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    CaregiverGoneGreen Well-Known Member

    How do I like a post?

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    hi thanks for the question that question is actually answered on this page several times.

    please make sure to read thoroughly the reason i have this tutorials up is to minimize the amount of same questions i get and for users to gain quick answers

    you cannot like a post yet until you are an established member, you will become an established member once you are using the forum in an active manner.
    thank you

    SSGrower Well-Known Member

    I saw your post response to someone about security for photo uploads and I'm a bit unclear still, Is the "upload a file" button an internal (to riu) method?

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    are you looking to remove metadata from your photos i have a tutorial here:
    rollitup does not remove metadata from photos. you will only have to worry if your photos are from a smartphone that has GPS turned on.
    i know alot growers say they dont use their gps, i personally do cause i use my phone as a regular person
    the upload a file is our internal method of uploading photos from your smart phone, other device or computer.
    the insert image upload is a way to insert an image from a copied location already found online, such as google images , imgur, etc.
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    I still don't get this 'follower thing'

    why should I follow someone is not that stalking..?

    why do peeps want to follow me

    'shrug' ...?
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    before xenforo follow was consider "friends" , it just means you follow their content. when you go to your name top right "your news feed" you will see feed of the people you follow
    so their comments, likes, pictures, updates they are doing

    you are not required to use the follow feature. but alot of members enjoy it.
    every forum i have ever used has some sort of friends or follow option in the system
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    bgmike8 Well-Known Member

    If I tag someone. Like use the "@" and then their name.. will they get a notification even if they're not involved in the thread??

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

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    dstroy Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this
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