Bad start to the outdoor season

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    So I'm having a couple issues. Started some seeds indoors to get them ready to go outside at the end of the month. Waiting for new ph pen to come in so I transplanted them into 2g pots of fox farm ocean forest. good amount of nutrients in it. Figured since I don't have ph pen yet thatd be easiest route since I wont have to add any nutes for a couple weeks. Did that transplant about 1 week ago. Gave them one more watering since then and they are growing but they are not in good health. I have them under 2 4ft 4 bulb t5s with a fan on them. Some look okay some look like they have a calcium deficiency. Lower leaves on a couple yellowed up really quickly as if they were not getting any nutrients.
    What does this look like to you?
    Calcium deficiency?
    Ph issue?

    Any advice would be helpful and appreciated. Had a gpod outdoor season last year and had plans for a even better one this year


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    Could be under water, ph , and the process of re potting, depends how high your water ph is. Doubt it's this if it's drinking water. Doubt it's not enough nutes either, more like the effects of potting up into new medium and ph out, takes a day or so to activate the soilless mix and get bacteria moving. Were they root bound before? I think if you give a good feed of phed water to 6.5 with maybe a touch of grow nutes1/4-1/3 strength once , to push them on and see how you go.dont have the fan blowing on the plants rather in between plants and light. I doubt it's cal/mag because they're so young but anything is possible.
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    Thanks for the help. Much appreciated. I had them in red solo cups before the 2 gallon pots. The roots had just begun to really wrap around the bottom of the cup when I transplanted. Just threw me off to see them react so poorly to the transplant. Never had that issue before. Ill try giving them a good watering with PHed water and maybe a little nutes and see what they think. Hopefully that will get them back on the right track.
    Thanks again

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    Whats up man. Half of the plants seem to have bounced back a little bit. Not perfect still but they are growing and showinf healthy new growth. The other half are growing much slower and the top 2 or 3 nodes are getting these brownish spots starting at the tips of the fan leaves. Looks like calcium but I've never seen it start at the tips like that. What do you think?
    Thanks for the help

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