Auto white widow from pyramid seeds grow help needed

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    auto white widow from pyramid seeds
    Shown first pistil at day 28 and growing healthy and big but no real bloom or flowering almost day 70 reaching but looks like day 70 healthy plant many branches and one thick stalk but my problem is after showing pistils it's been almost 40 days and older preflowers turning brownish red image.jpg

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    what kind of light setup do you have going on you may need put it under 12 12 in order for it to completely start flowering even though its an autoflower it may still need 12 12

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    Thanx for your reply
    Keeping her outside for 12 12. used cfl at night and given 6 hrs of sun
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    Been switched to 12 12 outside getting 6+ Hrs of direct sun here's what it looks like

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