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    hey guys, just looking for a rough estimate on when to begin flushing my auto Northern Lights by royal queen. It is on day 46, it is in a 5 gallon coco hempy bucket getting Lucas formula at 5.8. Im using 450w of cob in a 3x3 tent with temps at 80f. I’m getting a loupe tomorrow but was just wonder what some of the pros think, this is my first grow in a long time. I’ve heard people say this strain finishes by day 65, as well as others say 11 weeks so I just don’t know what to think. Thank you guys in advance.

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    Hey man If you didn’t start flushing it I definitely would start NOW. I would have preferred you flush the day you posted this ! I’m no pro but I’m also on my auto flower grow. I saw you bought your loupe but another way of know is the percent of brown hairs you have. I think I was told around 60/70% brown hairs is when you should start the harvest so at about 30/40% I would start the flush.

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    Flush? Like run water in it until it's dealing out of the bottom?

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