Anyone really good at re-vegging?

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    beanzz Well-Known Member

    So I run a lot of seeds/crosses and it's just not feasible to take cuts of everything. When I find good phenos I try to reveg them after the chop, my success rate is like 10%, it's awful.

    I've been losing a ton of awesome phenos for years because I can't reveg to save my life.

    There isn't really much good info online I was able to find, wondering if anyone had some good methods they use. This has been an ongoing problem for me the past 3-4 years, figured it's time to finally solve it so here I am!

    • I have tried leaving lots of leaves/buds as to not shock the plant
    • ive tried not leaving much bud/leaves
    • I have tried repotting
    • I tried revegging outdoors earlier this year, I had decent success doing that but it's too late in the year now to keep doing it.
    • I have tried various nutes like super thrive type shit
    • I have tried 24/7 light I have tried normal 18/6 scedule
    • I have tried not repotting but instead breaking the roots/dirt up so it's loose and airy

    please and thank you in advance for any tips <3

    lungbutter Member

    never really had a problem with it unless i dont leave enough leaves on and then it all just dries up and dies. one thing you can do is chop down the root ball so its smaller to match the vegetation.

    what is actually happening to the plants? are the roots dying too?
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    beanzz Well-Known Member

    The plant just stalls out and starts slowly dying. Starts on the leaves and works its way through the whole plant.

    That isn't the first time I have had someone tell me to trim the rootball, maybe I'll give that a shot.
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Maybe try cutting a clone from a low branch. I have simply watered them in a plastic party cup of potting soil/perlite and left them out of the direct light in 18/6 and in 2-4 weeks they start growing again.

    It’s always a long 2-4 weeks watching the little budded cutting just sit there.
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    mr sunshine

    mr sunshine Well-Known Member

    Some plants are probably just way more resistant then others. I not saying there's nothing you can do to give you better odds but sometimes it is what it is.

    JDMase Well-Known Member

    Hey dude. I'm often taking clones off plants very much in flower. I use a aero cloning machine, with a humidity dome. It's a balancing act as you don't want mold to occur with flowering clones. To reverse you need 24/7 lighting, to grow roots you need some darkness. I tried lights on for a week then introduced 4 hours of darkness and roots appear soon after. I take small clones from the bottom and top but not sure which do better. Usually it's strain dependant on what clones easiest (by that I mean throws roots, Indicas are easier)

    Clone machine + low light + sterile Rez + rooting hormones.

    I had much success with root riot cubes, more so than anything else IF you don't want a clone machine.

    In regard to how you chop them, I leave everything above the top two nodes. A good clone should have at least 4 nodes; that's because the more stem and leaves you leave the more energy the plant can pull from, and save you from some fuck ups. I usually get wilting and leaf loss because I'm not a pro yet, but I hope this helps
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    JDMase Well-Known Member

    You can see here about two weeks in - some of them have lost and yellowed leaves but root hairs are showing - one tip if you do get a clone machine is check the roots infrequently. I learnt that the hard way (prob why it's two weeks and such few roots) but I think this is ur best way to go :)

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    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    I've never had a issue.. I just leave about a third of the top of the plant, and give it just water for a week or so then veg nutes. After a month or 2 it's back in veg easy peasy.

    ClosetGarden Active Member

    Plants reveg easier under certain conditions.

    - A large healthy root system. (If using soil, use a three gallon or larger Smart Pot type of container.) Leave the plant in the soil or hydro system. Don’t disturb the roots. That’s the majority of the plants biomass at this point.

    - Residual nutrients (Do not flush, then hold off on veg nutrients for 3-5 days) This allows the plant to use nutrients already available, at levels it’s used to.

    - Go light on the veg nutrients, then build up.

    - 24 hour light for the first two weeks. The plant needs to get the signal that it’s spring again.

    - Use 6400k T5 or Metal Halide (T5 is my preferred) It’s cool and intense lighting on leaves previously shielded by a canopy ads stress. Don’t put T5’s closer than 12” to begin with.

    -Wait a month (minimum) after new vegetative growth is evident to put the plant back into flower. You can take cuttings for clones after two weeks.

    -Once you have successful clones, you may as well flower the reveged plant, as it has a monster root system by now.

    growingforfun Well-Known Member

    This is a well written version of pretty much EXACTLY what I do. I recommend every detail written here.
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    ClosetGarden Active Member

    Thank you for the compliment.
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    Kushash Well-Known Member

    I have 4 plants re vegging now.
    They were originally grown 12/12 and harvested from 3 gallon pots.
    I cut the root ball down to fit in a smaller pot about a 3/4 gallon pot, the others were move to 1 gallon pots.
    Under 400w MH 17/7 in a 4x4 veg tent, I occasionally watered and waited, all four are re-vegging.
    Fed once at some point after the re vegging began with FF happy frog 6-4-4 and one watering with Epsom. Water only otherwise.
    Wish I had the date of when I started.
    100_9030.JPG 100_9031.JPG
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    Herb & Suds

    Herb & Suds Well-Known Member

    I've never had a problem
    Leave a few buds on then chop off half of rootball and repot with fresh soil and room to grow ...use straight water with light grow fertilizer lights on 24/7
    It works every time
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    RetiredGuerilla Well-Known Member

    1. Leave some budding sites at the bottom after harvest and trim a few inches above the sites so as to allow plenty of stem to serve as a barrier between cut and bud site.
    2. Give it a good dose of organic nitrogen.
    3. I prefer a high kelvin rating 6500 T-5 at 24-7 for at least a month.
    4. Keep temps in low 80's
    You should see re-growth of fresh green stems and little leaves from the small buds you left behind in about 2 weeks. Within a month you can take clones. Make sure you give her uber support if you want to try to harvest it a 2nd time. That regrowth can be prone to breaking when your buds fatten up. Also it's easier to root a 3 or 4 week old bud than a normal veg clone because of the phosphorus content of the flower is used to make roots. Once it's rooted (less than a week at 24-7 6500 t-5) transplant to a 1 or 2 gallon pot. Switch light cycle back to 12 hours a day of HID/LED or 8 hours of natural sunlight and it will grow into a donkey dick bud and be dank as fuck. Cool looking bud plant just for fun and potent too.
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