Anxiety and you (lets focus on winning the battle)

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    Guys. It is really easy to beat it. Go Gluten free for a month. Eat endocrine enriching foods. Exercise every other day. Anxiety will exit. It will feel alien to you IF it ever occurs in the same way again, Hasn't for me, and I used to suffer from adrenaline surges as well as anxiety and panic attacks due to a heart condition at a young age. No waves of anxiety, anymore. I do indulge in gluten foods now, but I can sure feel the difference if I don;t. Still, after a liver detox, from the good foods, the immune system is firing on all cylinders. And inflammation is gone. Inflammation is the cause of most of our problems and major diseases.

    Oh yeah, and natural viagra. Beet carrot apple parsley ginger juiced.
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    What about trauma? People go through crazy shit in life and it creates shizms that were not caused by their nutritional environment. I mean, this is a internet forum, a lot of people feel fucking alone man. Just to be blunt. Hell I can see where a bowl of steaming pasta covered in butter and parmesan sauteed shrimp, garlic, and mushrooms might really help.

    All I'm saying is, it's not all about gluten, not for everybody. You should hear people out, and that could definitely be a factor for some people. But it might also be other stuff too.

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    The sole cause of all of my anxiety is from a brain trauma along with just the trauma of the accident and all the terrible things that came from that. I never used to have anxiety. Aye whatever I wanted to when I wanted too. But life is crazy as you get older anxiety can become more prevalent. Life itself can be traumatic to some people with certain mental illnesses.
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    thanks for sharing guys, most of the responses to this thread goes to show that we're not alone!

    , caffeine is a trigger for just about all anxiety sufferers..this is simply due to what exactly caffeine does to our bodies its a stimulant! being anxious already, and drinking caffeine will only heighten anxiety, in OP i stated you should limit caffeine intake , these were just reminders of what can affect us! Of course everyone one us will know whether or not we should drink it or how much to consume, for instance i can drink about 3 cups a day now, and some people cannot.
    But I do not have anxiety attacks anymore, since i did what i did , so thats really why i shared, like i said what works for me may not work for others, but I posted in hopes that people maybe would follow some of my advice and see how it worked for them,
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    Anyone on here remember what some of there triggers were?
    Mine seemed to be surprise issues, like car issues or something along the
    For me it was crazy how i'd see something small was a big issue.
    My wife would be like its no big issue its a easy fix but the mind
    seems to make the worse out of little issues for some of us anxiety suffers.
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    anytime i left the house.
    grocery store

    literally like anytime i left the house
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    What like agoraphobia?

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    yup...mixed with anxiety

    jackblaster Active Member

    Sorry to hear that. You need to increase your nitrogen, and dilute your mixture a little, and everything will be fine!

    I jest..

    So yeah, world can be a scary place sometimes. Its not a place where we have total direct control of our environment. Any number of chaotic variables exist in every moment out there. It can be like an ocean with hidden currents and dangerous predators. depending on where you live, the stimulation alone can be abhorrent, incessant advertising, random exchanges with unknown people, etc.

    The ocean thing. I don't know, like a metaphor or something.

    When were little we were happy just to get a little wet and play in the sand, and if we drifted out too far our guardians would intervene. Now that we are older and a little more independent, we know how dangerous the waters can be. It can be spooky for sure. Faith helps a lot of people with the swimming, and others rely on science, statistics, and probabilities. Either way, we all must swim sometimes. If our awareness becomes a little more heightened to help us achieve our goals out in the deep seas, its probably for the best. From an evolutionary standpoint, anyway. It could be something to embrace rather than shy away from. No one wants to dally in unfamiliar turf like lambs to the slaughter. I mean just even driving is a numbers game ultimately. The world has a lot of big, and dangerous moving parts in it.. So, in my opinion its healthy to be respectful of that.

    But that's really for everyone to decide for themselves. I figure, fuck it. If some crazy shit goes down and I end up getting fileted, ground up, or chucked, I still know I did my best and tried to enjoy it. I cant control everything all the time, and definitely not everyone. Oh! Now Im going to watch Samurai Champloo. Was just listening to this.

    Really baked atm.
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    I was in the same boat awhile back I was laid off and stayed home for around 11 months
    I was scared to go outside and socialize with people,even going to the store was like i need to get back
    home now,social anxiety sucks!

    One thing that has really helped get past my social anxiety and laugh I seen a video on youtube.
    A therapist was giving examples how to get past issues I was having and not care what others think
    I use to be over polite and care what others thought of me.
    Part of his video is doing things you wouldn't normally do
    Take for instance if your inline at Mcdonald's and there is a line behind you
    take your time ask questions whats this? what comes with that ? ect.
    This exercise was tough for me in the beginning but now its second nature.

    I now take my time at the bank atm guess who is taking 10 minutes to pull 20 bucks out? this guy.
    Another thing I started to do was get out more I really cant stand being home much now .
    On Friday nights i'm at a very packed casino having conversations with total strangers.

    I use to feel the world was some scary place where all bad things are waiting to happen
    and evil is hiding behind every corner,but not so anymore.
    Its all how you look at things I feel that we can look at things with a half empty glass or half full.
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    vro Well-Known Member

    thats because we are left handed!

    rdug New Member

    Hey Timewalk,
    It would be great if you could post a link to the video here. Might help others including me.

    Yessica... Well-Known Member

    My biggest problem is my mental state is not consistent. When I feel great, I'm awesome.

    Currently I am seeing a psychologist, I've just started a new anti-depressant with the care of my new family doctor, I've joined a gym, started socializing again, got a recommendation for a psychiatrist (which is FREE in Canada, or at least in Ontario), started taking vitamins, started eating healthy, and decided that I will get better and I'll do everything that I can to be healthy - physically and mentally.

    But, in January I wasn't getting out of bed, I would go days without saying more than a few words, I wouldn't eat or I'd binge eat on terrible food, I wouldn't shower, I didn't leave the house, and I couldn't see it ever getting better.

    Getting help and making a change is the hardest thing.

    When I get depressed, or go through the "dark times" everything is bad, and I can't convince myself that anything will get better, ever. Besides the crippling anxiety, I also get crying spells that last for hours. This prevented me for a long time from trying to get help, because I couldn't even think the word "help" without breaking down. It was a period of months where I never felt happy. Ever.

    I also can't smoke weed during these times, or drink. Both just make me feel worse. It feels like I don't have the capabilities for joy during these times...

    That's what the pharma meds are for, for me at least. A kick start in my brain.

    I've had a BAD reaction to certain medications in the past. But, this is a new kind, low dose, and I'm being monitored by a doctor, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, my family and friends.

    And to be honest, anything is better than crying all day. Literally anything.

    Thanks for starting this thread, nice to talk about.

    (although, in my worst times, I was unable to post on here).
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    a senile fungus

    a senile fungus Well-Known Member

    I missed you all winter.

    I'm always here if you wanna chat!

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    Yessica... Well-Known Member

    I missed me too...

    And you, you fun-guy!
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    I started Xanax about two months ago, and it has really helped with my anxiety. I take 0.25mg of Xanax as needed..for the most part it's once a day. Unfortunately it is abused so much and it is so hard to get a doctor to prescribe it. That is why I purchase my pills via generic-meds-store com ...ships from Europe and no prescription required.

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