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    Here's my issue with black lights, this is a bud before and after being SOAKED in 3% hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes (with a weight as it floated, it's still wet which will make bright spots dimmer, I'll check again tomorrow) then a bud from a run that was tested and all that last year and came in not detectable/clean.

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    I've never heard of the black light test... what is that supposed to show?

    Here's one of your pics where I indicate what I was looking at...


    The pics of your bud broken open look fine. I'm sorry if I got you worried over nothing. I saw white patches, which on my buds would have been PM. Also, the darker or dead leaves, every time I saw those when I broke the bud open at that point, there was mold/rot inside.

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    Eh, it's better safe then sorry reall (and it's a good excuse to have ones have smell of weed ;) ). Under blacklight pm (and a couple of other bad things) glow fluorescent green(or yellow.) But so do yellow leaves ;)

    Glad the insides look clean to you :):)
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    Hey guys, thought I'd update the yields now that I've dried and started the cure on the 2nd round of cuts:

    Sannie's Jack gave another 14.5O on the second cut (there is arguably some left still, but not a lot) so it's produced a total of 37.11 O. Not too shabby at all, and a nudge above last year's 2lbs, so I'm a happy camper. Definitely will always grow one plant of jack if I'm in a location that can push harvesting until late oct.

    Chocolate rain gave a surprise last minute showing and offered up an additional 10 ounces. Still a bit light, but now not so bad. We'll see how she cures, but early smoke has me liking her flavor.

    Mad kush tossed another 5 ounces out, BUT it's a one off plant, AND there are some seeds, so she'll only be grown in relative seclusion next time (no seeds elsewhere yet however, so that's nice.) she is still my all time favorite indica. I've now got the garden dialed in production (8+ lbs in that small a place!) and security wise so I'm definitely a happy camper. Hope everyone else has (had) a good harvest!!

    Edit: since I talk yields, is worth mentioning that I dry my cannabis considerably more than most people (for long term storage/vaporizing) so if you were harvesting the same cannabis likely you would end up with 10+% more weight... (From wet to dry I lose closer to 90%....)
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    Further update after a month of partaking:

    Mad Kush: definitely gave seeds, in places up to one seed a nug (and due to her, other plants gave a few seeds as well) so while she's a tremendous indica smoke (and oddly enough smells a bit like curry to me) I definitely wouldn't advise growing her outside of in isolation.

    The Deputy: Nice smoke, really not a great producer, but quality hybrid smoke, I'll definitely try the gorilla glue x stardawg next season.

    Chocolate rain: it continued to yield into a third cutting (bit over a lb in total), really good dark chocolate / sour cream smell/taste. Might grow her again, need to smoke more to decide for sure as she's not as strong as I prefer.

    Sannie's Jack: seriously, grow at least one plant of this if you have the head room, she takes forever to finish properly, but early cuttings are still quite enjoyable (and a bit more activity - inducing). She's fairly easy to clone, handles cold temps fine, and yields like a mother even in cramped quarters.

    Criminal+ : I did *not* like this plant at all, it tripped depression in me and didn't yield well. I would not grow it again.

    Bruce Banner: really light yielder, but what was yielded was fire. I'm truly torn on this one, she might do better in a less crowded setting so perhaps next year she'll be in the pond now that I've had to trim the trees over the pond.

    Afgooey: too small of a plant even with no cropping at all. Never topped 5ft, and was quickly smothered. However if height is an issue and you want something that finishes really early she's worth considering. In a few weeks I'll taste a clone of her, but for now, no idea on her strength, There was a version of afgooey in socal that was damn near parallelizing though...

    JackBerry: Fine, it's basically a fruity sister of Sannie's Jack (gee, wonder why), good smoke, good effects, and might be useful if SJ is too strong for what you're looking for. However, I don't think I'll grow it again as I'd really just rather have a small hit of SJ than a big hit of JB.

    Final thoughts are, if you can grow outside. Just do it, the plant is a weed and it will grow like one if you let it. Consider security but put the plants into the ground. You'll be glad you did. This year's total haul from a measly ~90 sqft was 8 pounds and some change and a ridiculous amount of trim that I need to (dry ice bubble bag) process soon to clean out the freezer before it's (half a) cow season.

    (oh, and the white stuff in the photo was bird mess / bird feathers, I ended up chucking a few nugs due to white feathers inside them, the birds, wasps, and bees did wonders keeping the bugs away in my pretty much pesticide free grow, but have their own downsides final weight was just what I kept)
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    Finally getting round to (SLOWLY!) turning the trim into hash. Used 4 gallon bags of trim ~6 pounds of dry ice and a bubble bag to collect kief (my favorite type of hash and smoke in general. Net result: 89 Grams of kief. (HOLY SHIT, and just 11 more bags to go!!!!) I'm currently trying to figure out my average daily intake of kief so am attempting to only smoke it for a few days. ( #oregonmedicalproblems :) ) Hope everyone has a good start to the season. I'm now in the early stages of sexing my non feminized seeds for my next outdoor attempt Tomahawk and Redheaded Stranger x Indiana Bubblegum (both GreenPoint seeds) plus some silverfields x boudica I had leftover from my last Sannie order. With them I'll be doing a couple CBD strains (Painkiller XL CBD and New York City Diesel CBB), Sannie's Jack, Chocolate rain (the flavor man...), and possibly a couple others if I don't run duplicates. This year I'm hoping to make room to do a full load of 10 girls side (fingers crossed) As always, I'm pondering if this will be my last grow for a bit, maybe go on a summer vacation, or not be *THAT* house come halloween...

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    Sounds like we are in similar places, I'm still working with last summer's harvest and I'm preparing for this summer's grow. I did do one winter indoor, mostly a test run, but ended out getting about 15oz from that. So we're in good shape.

    I'm debating whether or not to do another run of hash. I'm doing the standard ice/bubble hash method in 5 gallon buckets. I suppose its cold enough out to do another run. We certainly have more dry flower than we can smoke (before it gets too old), and at least I can freeze hash (or so I've been told).

    This year I got a half dozen strains from OGS, it will be interesting to see how they do. They will make up most of this summer's outdoor. I bought them late, so selection was thin, but I am happy with what I have. I thought I was going to use seeds I made last summer, but the winter test run proved them to be weak. I plan on pollinating a lot more this summer, but my expectations are different. I will try to make sure I cross each one with its own sibling (in addition to making new crosses) since theoretically these strains are stable and tested.

    I'm also pondering skipping next summer's outdoor, and maybe just doing two indoor runs over the winter. This summer the plan is do light deprivation. I want to find out what the best potential of an outdoor is (as in, having them all finish when they are ready as opposed to when they are starting to get moldy). Light dep will mean 9 weeks of not going away, July 1st into the first week of September. I really hope its worth it.

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