AK47 for today, anyone?

Discussion in 'What Are You Smoking?' started by mariwanalady, Mar 9, 2018.


    mariwanalady Member

    This AK47 is super AK47 in the real sense of it. try it and send in ya testimonies. are you ready? let's get it down the chimney.
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    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    Check out AK 49, new phenotype AK garunteed 30% THC at harvest, same taste more THC AK
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    poodawg Active Member

    i have grown both,auto,s tho ,easy to grow,great smoke that,s my kinda high.will do them again,smokin some ice breaker now,one of tho,s freebie seeds. WOW,it,s great, i have 4 under 650 led now,but Pineapple express is great,sorry for rambling on.

    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    Auto AK?

    Do you guys tokin autos realize what makes it auto? Cannabis ruderalis... which is like hemp.....
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Yep. And they lost some of the Original AK47 genes in the early 2000s, and then lost again around 2007. Not the same stuff as it was in the 90s.

    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    I got ak in early 2000s in europe from serious seeds seedlings not even clone and it was still good, then got AK in the US around 2010 and pretty much same just came from cali and in fact I liked better.
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    frozenhead Member

    AK 47 is a correct adrenaline machine, when you pull the trigger, your head gets it in, your being says it's well
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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    this ^^^^^

    the serious seeds AK-47 i bought in 2011 had sorry germ rates and was sub par to say the least.

    but back in 2002, i smoked some serious seeds ak that rocked my world. part of the reason i started growing.
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    i got some Tutankhamen "King Tut" seeds (special AK cut). in my plans for later this year.
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    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    Wouldnt label it energetic, AK is like a ritual, not typical sativa and not couch lock like indica, more like your just so blasted, not stoned or high, your like imobile just floating on a cloud lol
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    Underground Scientist

    Underground Scientist Well-Known Member

    Got a pack of AK Confidential. Anxious to pop a few.
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    Z3r0Z3r0 Well-Known Member

    Sounds yummy, LA is on my bucket list to grow, wonder what its AK fuck child looks like lol
    Mr Blamo

    Mr Blamo Well-Known Member

    I have a nice candy tasting AK.
    In this last week I harvested 5 of them.
    I also had one that smelled just like cat pee but didn't keep it as I couldn't stand that cat pee smell.
    The candy one is better and stronger.
    Have had this mom plant for long time now.
    It breeds well to.
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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    i just took a clone from one of my king tut's. can't wait to sex these and flower them
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    ghost_o_darb Member

    New grower here. Got some AK-47 seeds, have one coming up now. So far, so good. DSCN1273.JPG
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    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    You topped her already, huh?
    I would have waited a little longer personally, but she looks good.
    Good luck :)

    ghost_o_darb Member

    I did top her, wasn't sure if I should, but it's working out. Going to try some LST when she gets a little taller. Thanks for the good luck wishes.
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    Mr Blamo

    Mr Blamo Well-Known Member

    Yup I noticed that as well. I've had my mother plant for long time.
    Once upon a time I used to have the cherry AK which I miss today. One I have today has fruit scent but not like the one from years ago.
    I just harvested AK not long ago. Run it a couple times per year as it works for my medical. Mine always ready at 50 days.

    ghost_o_darb Member

    She seems to be doing well. Here's a pic from yesterday. DSCN1379.JPG

    Mikebuds Well-Known Member

    Smoking first blunt of my AK-47. Strong smelling n tasting. Kinda sweet tasting, potent as hell. It's a freebie from True North. Here's a pic the day I chopped it. One of my first autos. IMG_20180618_204712.jpg
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