5x5 Vertical farming hempy bucket LED grow

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by T-Time, Sep 25, 2017.

    Prawn Connery

    Prawn Connery Well-Known Member

    My apologies!
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    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Not using sonoff but tp link smart switches at the moment. The problems I had looks to be more on the nutrients side so I put my smart switches back and am monitoring the thing. I'm waiting for a my Sonoff 4ch pro to arrive so I can clean up the cable mess in the tent and get less wifi sygnals flying around me. I still think its not the healthiest for plant (especialy young ones) or people.

    I am rulling out autos. If that was the case the would be mid flower now :lol: as I kept them on veg for about 6weeks.
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    lukio Well-Known Member

    yo. not really anymore...maybe a bit of ph down in veg as id want it around 5.8 and it normally comes out at 6 to 6.1.
    I'm almost annoyed as i spent 300 quid on a ph controller, ha!
    i'm trying to set it up so i can go away for two to three weeks at a time...its a big ask though...i think my biggest problem is going to be dripper timings and keeping up with how the plants start drinking more over time...we'll see!

    hey @Prawn Connery do use tap or RO?
    Prawn Connery

    Prawn Connery Well-Known Member

    Tap water and CX nutes.
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    vertnugs Well-Known Member

    Lovin the mega crop here in canna coco.I did have to start adding some cal mag,and am using just epsoms on a few other plants as the calmag with N in it gives me that N tip curl.No curl with the epsoms but the girls getting calmag are recovering faster then the epsom girls.All is good though.

    I saw where Greenleafnutes said they may look into a remix of the MC just for coco.That would be sweet.
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    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Did try defoliation today. It's first time I took so many leaves and left girls so naked, but i think I'm starting to get it. Still a bit conservative when it comes to limiting number of branches but I'll get there ;)

    All the plants are slightly N defficient and are at different stages of flower. Hopefully when my bag of MegaCrop arrives soon defficiency will be sorted .
    Two Chronics ( upper level on the left ) didn't started to flower yet and will be defoliated again in a week or two. Northern Lights (the rest) are between week 2-3 of flower depending on where You look and will be maybe defoliated in .... well don't know really :lol: when the leaves will grow back :P

    20180215_103939.jpg 20180215_103955.jpg 20180215_104020.jpg 20180215_104005.jpg 20180215_104009.jpg

    And after
    20180215_192817.jpg 20180215_192455.jpg 20180215_192524.jpg 20180215_192508.jpg
    Nice healthy roots coming out the bottom :)

    Once again the tent wont be fully filled and that ruins my zen :cuss::wall:
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    1212ham Well-Known Member

    T-Time, what kind of fans you are those? Do you like them?

    T-Time Well-Known Member

    They are Bitfenix Spectre Pro 230mm PC fans. 3 blowing one, 3 blowong opposite direction, covering 140cm flat plane and circulating air . I like them for my application as they are silent, take verry little space and draw total of only 25W from the wall. The only thing is they are expensive. Around 28 euro each + shipping.
    There are stronger more convencional fans out there but most of the time they are much bigger. I wen't through small 5" clip on fans (shit , powerless and noisy ) , 16" free standing fans ( big ) and some oscilating tower fans ( take too much space and not enough coverage ) to finally end up with those PC fans. I'm happy with them, last trun I only had one small bud rot from a bud that was leaning on the wall, so I would say they are doing their job pretty well.
    You can't hold them too close to the walls as it limit their effectiveness. For classic horizontal and vertical layouts they should do the trick if placed correctly and the space isnt too big.
    I can also recommend Nanoxia Deep Silence and Noctua fans although they don't offer bigger sizes.
    20180216_060221.jpg 20180216_060814.jpg
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    Prawn Connery

    Prawn Connery Well-Known Member

    More food! By the looks of those roots, your plants are obviously liking the coco RTW and simply have higher nutrient demands than you might be used to from past grows.

    Maybe try bumping things up a little and increasing the Micro/Bloom ratio. A ratio of 1:1 (9ml Micro, 9ml Bloom) would give you an NPK ratio of 5-5-5, which is better than what you're currently feeding them. That's what I'd do. You will soon know after a couple of days whether your plants like it or not.
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    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Thanks Prawn. I'll try that today and see how they will react.

    They are now getting fed 6 times a day. They are thirsty but I might reduce that since there will be less transpiration with all of those leaves gone.
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    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    thats not near naked..carry on!
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    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Nope. Taking baby steps here. My ladies werent 100% so I played it safe. Next time I'll might try to go a bit more aggresive.
    Have any thread I could have a look at, just to get an idea ?

    OLD MOTHER SATIVA Well-Known Member

    good start..

    ..i wish i had time to defoliate more...because i would

    the real defoliate..is the "pistilwhipt" method..now thats scary..
    Prawn Connery

    Prawn Connery Well-Known Member

    Remember, the more runoff you have, the more dilute the nutrient inside the pot. So if watering 6x a day is producing a lot of runoff, you're actually flushing out a lot of nutrient. The trick is, if you are going to water multiple times a day, you either have minimal runoff each time, or you need to increase nutrient strength. By my calculations, you probably want close to 6ml per litre of combined nutrient if you are going to use the GHE formula you've been using. That 18ml per gallon I suggested works out about 5ml per litre, so even though it's more than you're currently feeding, it's still not a hot dose. Your mileage may vary depending on strain, stage of growth and environment!

    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Top has nearly no run off. Bottom row has more. Since I've added no return valve on the feed line the balance I've setup at the start went a bit off and I have to readjust it. But even taking that into consideration the runoff is about 10% on the bottom with 6 waterings a day. I'll doublr check it tmrw as I'll have more time then.

    I addad micro so its as You've suggested and it came to 2.2ml of solution each and 4.4ml total.
    I rather add some later if need be. I'm a bit concernet with those burned tips and want to see first how plants will react to changed ratio. Will adjust the strenght from there.
    I really appraciate Your help here :hug:

    Ladies didn't mind defol and looking as before. Chronic pushing strong and stretching in praying pose and N.Lights a bit wilted with slight nute burn but gaining bulk. Both a bit of the lighter side of the green. Hard to tell from the photos.

    Some shots from today.
    20180216_182804.jpg 20180216_182751.jpg 20180216_182821.jpg 20180216_182831.jpg

    And solution before and after adding more micro.
    That came to EC of about 1.26 before and 1.54 after.

    20180216_180637.jpg 20180216_183216.jpg
    Quick note. I've stopped getting the PH drift after coming back to old rutine of leaving the water for 48h+ before the mixing. Stopped using pond zyme as well as I don't think its necessary anymore.

    Maybe I'll try that in the future but now I have different things to diall in first. But yeah... thats scarry stuff. :o
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    Prawn Connery

    Prawn Connery Well-Known Member

    The tip burn doesn't look too bad, though I'm only going by your photos and can't see the leaves in real life. However, the GHE Micro has no phosphorous and much more nitrogen, so I'm thinking it should do the trick. I'm not sure if you have any GHE Gro, but to be fair the GHE feed chart does say to use it throughout and I can see why, as it also has a higher N-P ratio with a little more magnesium. If you're not getting great results using only two parts of a three-part nutrient, then that's probably why . . .

    Interestingly, the feed chart also shows you should be using about 8ml per litre (total combined Bloom/Gro/Micro) as a starting point, and you seem to be feeding about half that.

    I've never used TDS/EC meters, as I've always started with the recommended dose and adjusted according to plant growth.

    vidrose Member

    It all looks great T. One thing i don't like though is the leafs on the floor, should change that habit and put them into a bucket. Should you ever get bugs and not know, they will be all over the place after defoliating like that.
    Keep up the great post :)
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    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate. I will keep that in mind when doing it next time. I try to keep the place as tidy as I can to keep bugs at bay, but you never know...

    T-Time Well-Known Member


    Ladies were left alone for nearly a week. I'm happy how they look after I bumped nutes.
    Did a bit of triming today again on them. It's a last session for N.Lights and there will be another one for Chronics in a week or two.

    20180224_134050.jpg 20180224_134103.jpg


    Smallest N.L. stacking up the best.
    20180224_164758.jpg 20180224_164824.jpg
    Still waiting for Mega Crop to arrive.

    Watch this space :weed:

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    lukio Well-Known Member

    Sup, T

    what was the verdict on the early flowers?
    also, whats this?
    Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 23.32.41.png

    because if its a webcam it might be kicking out IR and messing with your girls. call me paranoid but ive taped mine up

    "One of the most overlooked but most important specification of IR illuminators is frequency. Most IR illuminators on the market are not one-hundred percent invisible to the human eye. Illuminators operating in the ranges of 750nM and 840/880nM emit a soft red glow when looking directly at the illuminator itself. For true stealth operation, select an illuminator that works at 940nM or greater.

    and this which explains IR in more detail:
    and this:
    So I think you have to find out the type of IR coming from the camera, but I don't think it is strong enough coming from the camera to affect any change in the plants.
    You would have to have it sitting within 1/4 inch of plant to notice anything, and even then not much. The camera isn't putting out as much energy as the sun. IR can't be seen by the human eye, but is felt as heat because it reacts with molecules. So something very strong would affect the plant, literally cooking it from the inside out." - pinched from another forum

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