5x5 Vertical farming hempy bucket LED grow

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    Very nice

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    Why it is taking sooo looong.
    Plants start to show some slight deficiencies (spptty leaves) and tip burns.

    65-75% RH
    So right at the seet spot of VPD chart
    Grow room is well ventilated with plenty of air circulation.
    Lights are set at about 375W.
    Plants are fed with pretty week solution 3 times a day with about 10-20% runoff. I am adding 2ml/L of cal-mag and some pond zyme. 450ppm of ready solution and the starting tap water is 95ppm.

    Why are they growing so slow? What am I doing wrong ?
    They are nearly 6weeks now (from seed) and even accounting for a slow startup, they seems to be growing slow or am I paranoid ?

    20180124_164716.jpg 20180124_164749.jpg 20180124_164823.jpg

    Will change nutes for even weeker fresh ones today and see what will happen.

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    whats that unit called, with the blue led display?

    newb, trying to learn

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    Don't know TBH. It shows the total usage in KW but not sure it holds the readings after power off.

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    Update time.

    I've took out 2 out of 3 new smart switches out of the tent for now on they got replaced with my old digital ones. I did a bit of reading and i decidec its too much wifi signal arount the ladies. Will be replacing all of them with only one Sonoff 4ch Pro.

    Didn't like how plants are progressing and showing some dificiencies, more visible every day , so I bumped the nutes. It helped somehow but its far from perfect. Found out that for coco theres a bit different ratio then I used for soil.
    Lucas formula is 8/16ml (micro/bloom) and modified H3ad's formula is 6/9ml, so I had to get new nutes as I was using Flora Nova Bloom only. Pretty happy I will be finally be able to measure the nutes without problem. That Flora Nova Bloom is really, really hard to suck up with the syringe couse of all the chunks in it.

    So I'll be changing the res today and the new feed routine will look more like this:
    - 6ml/gal GE micro
    - 9ml/gal GE bloom
    Thats it.

    Will see how that going to go, but if it will be as good as with standard Lucas formula and soil , I'll be happy :)

    Conditions so far:
    70-80% RH
    20180201_145218.jpg 20180201_145233.jpg 20180131_104706.jpg 20180131_105217.jpg
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    After changing nutes to a coco friendly ratio, ladies got happier and started growing at faster rate then before.

    I found one sunny looking plant that looks it is starting to flower, but I havent switched the light schedule yet :confused:

    All ladies got haircut today and I'll be flipping them in day or two anyway. I really don't like that part as I'm not 100% confident I know what I'm doing :-P

    20180205_113025.jpg 20180205_121422.jpg 20180205_140406.jpg
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    sup man. whats your ppm now? or EC would be better

    deffo summin wrong with the flowering plant lol o_O... strange huh!

    Im a hardcore defoliator - the strains ive grown so far have loved it! good for air circulation too


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    PPM 1020, EC 1.46 . Will be dropped closer to 900PPM or 1.3 EC as I still can see it burning the plants.

    Defoliation.... I know its better for plants but it doesn't feel right when I'm dong it :-?. It's harder to judge which branches to cut as I it's not a stardard lolipop. I hate everytime I have to trim popcorn buds at the end but there is no easy way of learning how to defoliate, I just have to do it.
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    sounds a touch on the high side. ive had some issues this grow, still not sure what the problem was but things look alright now (: ordering fresh coco for the next run as ive been reusing it for a couple years. Gonna try the 6 inch drip fed rockwool too

    Defols easy, man. i strip every leaf til last node (ish) and get rid of and skinny lil branches. Seen GML and what he does?
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    Never seen that one. I'll defo look into that. Thank You :)

    If You have more videos like that, You're more then welcome to post them here :)

    Im 90% sure two out of 10 plants look they started flowering :???: and theres another two I'm only 50% sure did the same :P
    im not sure what caused it. I don't thing change of nutes of light intensity does that so I'm betting genetics. Royal Queen sell cheap and from my expiriance quality is reflected in that. Every time I have problems growing with them. I think it might be time for a change...

    I flipped the tent today . Will post some photos later on.
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    Just a quick note about the defoliating like in the video Lukio posted.

    Its very beneficial when You want 50cm+ of penetration but would it be very beneficial in setup like mine ? Theres only like 30cm of penetration needed and with multiple light sources its easily achived. I'm not talking about the air circulation. Only the light penetration.
    I might experiment and strip one of the plants when they stop stretching.

    Am I getting that right ? Strip before the flip, then week ~2-3 and week ~5 ? Something like that ?

    I always defoliated my plants ,but never tried the extreme defoliation like in the video.
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    Prawn Connery

    Prawn Connery Well-Known Member

    Were you still using that gas-light time schedule before you flipped to flowering?

    What base nutrient and/or addtiives are you feeding and how many ml per litre? Are you foliar feeding as well?

    T-Time Well-Known Member

    No, I switched to normal 18/6 schedule a while back.

    I'm using H3ad's formula which is modified for coco Lucas formula. 6mil/gal of GHE Micro and 9mil/gal of GHE Bloom. Works out to 8mil/5L of micro and 12mil/5L of Bloom.
    I was adding before about 2.5mil/5L of Cal-Mag , but since I run out, I wont be using that anymore as apparently this 6/9 ratio works good for coco w/o the cal-mag (I'll be keeping an eye on that). No foliar feed. About 10mil of pond zyme per 80L tank.

    lukio Well-Known Member

    Thought about getting an RO kit? few options, all easy and cheap. I find its great starting at 0ppm and having total control. i add a lot of mag in the form of epsom salts, i found that the canna coco range and the megacrop with RO doesnt have enough for led growing.

    Id be tempted to measure coco lights off temps?

    Also not a fan of Royal Queen Seeds. So much better out there, dude. Does sound like a light cycle issue though

    Defol - ive tried the strip at various times...mostly because i can never remember what day i did it previously (:
    Normally when they've stopped stretching.
    Ive never done a side by side...have a lil go, man. strip one or two and see if theres any difference, ive just always felt they love it...a lot of wasted energy going to growing those fan leaves imo...plus the light penetration and air circ...its just allllll goood man.

    Vaders whole youtube channel is a must if you havent seen it? Coco god. great teacher - he'd give prawny a run for his money (:
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    I like to look at the main branches and any that are more noticeably smaller and look like suckers i pull.

    I think with a setup like yours its more to give good air flow and to evenly disperse growth hormones then to get vertical penetration.

    Im sure it will taje a run or two to get her dialed in but you got it looking tits so far :)
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    Don't go adding a lot of mag to your plants in coco. They require a balance of calcium and magnesium, but if your in hard water area, you may not even need to supplement. Using either in small amounts as a foliar spray once a week works well and quicker than a route drench. Error on the lower side as to much like anything else will cause lock ups and you will end up chasing your tail. Your plants do not look like they need it to be honest.
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    lukio Well-Known Member

    Na its an RO water thing. i add 1 gram per litre though, incase you go down that road.

    T-Time Well-Known Member

    Naah. I have RO filter at home but its more for drinking. I couldn't wait for it to fill 80L container. I'll be back to my usuall routine, filling 5L bottles and leaving them for 48h.

    I will measure the temps of coco tmrw before the light go on.

    I quite forgot I did the GLR thing before. The switch from GLR to 18/6 was over 3 weeks ago. Could it still affect the flowering ?

    Never seen that channel or probably seen but never followed him. Will have a look later.

    Ladies look green toady :D
    Two on the left at upper level are Serious Seeds Chronic and not flowering , 6-7 out of 8 NL started flowering.
    Im starting supplementing Far Red 15min after normal schedule (11.5 ON - 12.5 OFF )
    20180207_174923.jpg 20180207_174957.jpg 20180207_175147.jpg
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