4 weeks flowering and no pistils.

I have never had this problem before in 27 years of growing. I have pre-98 Bubba Kush plants that originated as clones. Usually these plants undergo 10-14 days of elongation and than they begin putting out pistils so that by week 3-4 they look like popcorn or dandy lions. I'm now at week 4 and while there is packing at the growing ends, there are no visible pistils. There are microscopic pistils that are amber in color that can only be seen under magnification. At first I suspected hermaphroditism, but no male organs are visible. I'm stumpped. I've grown this species many times before and they have never done this. The temps have been higher than usual (80-86 F) but nothing that I have not seen before without a problem. Here are some pics. Anybody have a suggestion? The room has been used for 4 years with no changes so stray light is not an issue. I did give them 2 weeks additional veg this time around. Possible nute problem? No signs of any nutritional deficiencies are apparent on the plants. HELP!



No, but it happened to three different strains grown in two different locations. It must be either the potting mix, which I have used many times successfully, or the spike in temperatures we had for two weeks where growing room temperatures were pushing 90 degrees F. One growing area has been destroyed, but the other we are going to grow out to see if this is reversable. The only reason the potting mix comes under suspicion is because the plants were grown to a much larger size than usual in both places which may have resulted in a potassium deficiency. The more likely reason is in response to heat stress, though I've run high temps before without this problem. Three of the 15 plants in one location have begun producing pistils so we are going to wait and see with this group. The buds appear to be normal size for their age. We also see tricomes on these plants. The only thing they are missing is normal pistils (we do see some microscopic pistils that have ambered. The soil Ph is perfect at between 6.5-6.9. We have begun bi-weekly feedings with a liquid fertilizer with a higher phosphorus level, and will wait to see what happens. It is somewhat difficult to judge bud size sans the pistils. It is like trying to figure out a dog's size without fur. I think they are of normal size without pistils. I am highly suspicious of the temperature component. Temps of 86-90 with humidity levels from 45-60% is what we were running for about 2 weeks. The temp may have been higher directly under the lights. We have noticed pistil development on the lower branches of some plants. HAVE YOU HAD TEMPERATURES IN EXCESS OF 86 DEGREES F? Are you confident of your potting mixture?


When i first setup my first grow that im on now. theventilation was shit so i was running temps of about 95 but only for lights on. itdid turn pistils veryprematurely amber