2500 watts / 4' X 4'.

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    stawawager Well-Known Member

    Thanks. My 4th grow. I've been doing LST, I'm guessing they don't like that much tho. I forgot about tying them down. I'm guessing that's better? Maybe a lot better? I actually set that tub up to accept structures (trellis) to tie off to.

    Do you support your monster colas or are they free standing?
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    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    Those just had wooden dowel rods to hold them up but I had plenty of room for vertical growth. If you need to keep plant's height under control you can tie them down to some thing like dowel rods.
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    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Yeah ive a 650 cob im my 4x4 and its a little excessive imo
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    stawawager Well-Known Member

    What model# is that 650 cobb, want to compare it to mine.

    DesertHydro Well-Known Member

    666w is all you need to grow fat dicks in a 4x4 lol
    it'll only cost you about 666 dollars and your soul :evil:
    IMG_2330.JPG IMG_2333.JPG IMG_1946.JPG MVIMG_20171219_174834.jpg

    stawawager Well-Known Member

    I like that light frame. Good coverage. I'd like to see the specs on it.

    Do you buy that mesh or do you Stitch it together? I'm going to make one with a hula hoop for my big round planter.

    Nice dog too.

    stawawager Well-Known Member

    Don't you mean shithole blurple lights?

    stawawager Well-Known Member

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, (one ty for each 288 QB.

    I'm running these 4 288's at 1/2 power and they are 2x - 3x brighter.

    20180207_003623-1328x747rz.jpg Just as sweet, they are silent, sweet silence. It's freakish!

    stawawager Well-Known Member

    They grew within an inch of the old cobs and stopped and are now getting just fattening up like Santa eating pork rinds.
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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Now who doesn't like " fat " bitches ?! ....... Lol
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    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Sorry its 715w

    The Johnson CX-16 LED grow light utilizes 16 Top-Bin Citizen CLU048 3000KCOB arrays while using less energy and placing significantly less heat into the grow environment. This light will replace a 1000 watt DE HPS while only drawing 715 watts. The CX-16 is extremely efficient. No other grow light comes close.

    High CRI
    Boasting a 80+ CRI (color rendering index) and 3500K spectrum, Johnson Grow Lights provide sun-like light nutrition for robust, healthy growth and flowering. The 80+ CRI ensures that the light provided will be used efficiently by the plants. Flower quality and resins are also increased from the added blue wavelengths and decrease in radiant heat into the canopy.

    Typical HPS lamps only have a CRI of <40. This means that the areas in the center of the light pattern surpass the light saturation point of the provided wavelengths and lack the other wavelengths that are essential to optimum plant growth and health.
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    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    I have a grow h
    Journal look at my poat history
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    budsoflife New Member

    Why 2500 Watt for 4x4 grow tent? I am using G8LED G8-900 grow led light in my 4x4 grow tent. It works perfectly, and this grow light is awarded as the best grow light by High Times.

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