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    Hello, grower from Michigan who needs to relocate to a warmer climate here. Really considering AZ, I was there for a while years ago and really loved it while I was there. My wife is a patient here and I am her caregiver.

    My question is a bit out there, kind of looking for a loophole. We have kids and being in the middle of nowhere doesn't appeal to them. If we were to relocate, can we buy a home or property outside of the 25 mile radius, put it in her name and buy a home in the city in my name as her registered caregiver and grow / live there?

    Also any input as to a somewhat populated area outside of the 25 mile rule to relocate our family to would be great! Don't mind smaller town living but don't want to be in the middle of nowhere.

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    yes, there is a loophole. shoot me a PM and I will tell you how to do it.

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    See4 I'm new on here and don't know how to pm. Can you help me out with the 25 rule?
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    You can't because you have to grow in the same place you live if your a care giver your not a business. I called and the state said now. But you can grow for your wife just outside the 25 mile radius of any dispensary. There are tons of places that are outside a given dispensaries radius. You just have to.search.

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    Costs 1200 a year and an ounce a month just to grow 12 plants legally as a caretaker. Kind of a joke when you're not in the state full time,and ain't interested in selling dank to people who apparently hate dank. "The Chem Dawg smells weird, Cat Piss, gross! Why's it taste like sugar, did you spray it with sugar. The terpenes burn my throat, waaaah.. Is this stuff laced with crack"

    Dispensary weed sucks so bad in Az,and the people are so backwards about what's natural and what's unflushed artificially perfumed moldy styrofoam novelty garbage , I had to get it shipped from back home just to smoke. I got told a lot that my herb had fake smells, while those dudes are smoking floralicious, sweet citrus neem oil and lime peels. I smelled more contaminants on dispensary bud than I did actual bud out there. Lol places claiming to be organic, and every OG smelled like the same brand of rosemary deodorant. Hahaha. Ghost, OG 18,Lemon OG. Pink Kush that smells like milk. For fucks sake I couldn't believe it, the shit people were smoking. Same contaminants over and over, buds sprayed with cantaloupe rind and grape peel extracts. Bitter ass lemon peels. Plastic ass lemon smells. Bubblegum that smells like peanuts. Zkittlez that smells like cheetohs. Entire shelfs that smelled like popcorn toppings. Zkittlez that taste like fish guts. Khalifa Kush that smelled like peanuts. Khalifa Kush that tasted like fish guts. Wedding Cake that smelled/tasted like fake hash perfume. Entire shelves smelling like either mushrooms or bowling alley foot spray, your pick.

    Literally everything I tried smoking that came from a dispensary.. Fucking contaminated one way or the other. And zero actual terps. And every cardholder thinks those are weed smells.. I learned a lot about general stupidity in AZ. Its scary. You thought people were dumb in the south.. At least they can tell the difference between Nebula and some pesticide laced garbage soaked in banana perfume.. Like, wtf AZ.. How you gonna pull out some "Nebula" that smells exactly like pesticides covered up with some banana spray..

    Az is an embarrassment to the concept of medical Cannabis.
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