2×2 800w cob led help.

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    bosboy Well-Known Member

    Sup Riu, I'm new to led and recently came across a besthydro 800w cob led. I have it in a 2×2 space it's actual pull from wall is like 236w will that be enough for a decent yeild, 3 plants maybe 4 in 2gal pots organic soil and ferts.

    nfhiggs Well-Known Member

    Should be enough for 2x2.

    CobKits Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    its enough for a 2x2. a more efficient led could do the same for 140ish watts

    sunny747 Well-Known Member

    It will work..

    2x2 is tough to grow in. I have one and it's my primary grow space. If you want four plants it would be best to grow 12/12 from seed in 1 gallon pots.

    I have 1 plant in a 1 gallon right now and it pretty much takes up the tent. Last grow I did 1 plant in a hempy and it pretty much blew the zippers off of my tent. :)

    1 gallon soil

    2 gallon hempy topped several times and trained. 2x2 tent. 2 good COBs running at 180w.
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    bosboy Well-Known Member

    Is that 180w a peice, I originally was going to use it in a 8sqft closet but thats to big of an area i think.what yeild get on that first one you posted
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    MIKE GROEZ Member

    What brand of lights are you using that plant looks very nice

    sunny747 Well-Known Member

    Oh thx.... Yea, it's coming out alright. I've had N issues from the start with her, but the buds look fine so I'm not sweating it.. That's a Bubba Kush, I originally popped 4 seeds to grow in 1 gallon pots in the 2x2, but 3 turned out to be males.

    I have two vero 29 v7 Cobs run at 1400mhz I think... I can pump it up to about 200 watts from the wall, but I typically run it a bit lower. As soon as you start driving the COBS hard heat becomes an issue... at 160 w pull from the wall heat is not much of an issue,

    If you are interested, CObKits (See member above) can hook you with a good cob set up for excellent prices. Also check out Quantum boards... They would rock a 2x2.

    I'd probably just stick with the light you have now for a few grows then upgrade. Use the light you have now for Veg,

    MIKE GROEZ Member

    Okay thank you very much dude!

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