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  1. Mr.Marijuana420

    They said it couldnt be Done!! Azurescens & Copelandia

    Generally people have already worked out what does and doesn't work. I mean, sure you could beat your head against the wall and eventually you'll breakthrough a hole big enough to get to the other side. But you also could've just used the door
  2. Mr.Marijuana420

    Oldest seeds you’ve popped & how?

    honestly just room temperature is fine. I don't even do the paper towels anymore because I always leave them too long and they get tangled. I just germinate straight in the cups under light. If nothing is coming up in 2 weeks I replace the seed, sometime they surprise you though. I gave a friend...
  3. Mr.Marijuana420

    Oldest seeds you’ve popped & how?

    I've never tried it but I thought of trying something for old seeds. Everything I've read says it's not the seed that's bad but the shell too hard and becomes impermeable. So my thoughts are to mimic nature. Freeze them first (if you aren't already storing them this way), then put them in a...
  4. Mr.Marijuana420

    Outdoor in the Adirondack

    Start them 4-6 weeks inside depending on container size. I've started in solo cups and past 5 weeks they are too root bound to make a difference.
  5. Mr.Marijuana420

    Outdoor in the Adirondack

    Hey, neighbor
  6. Mr.Marijuana420

    Why would I not take my girls outside in nice weather

    It's fine if you have supplemental lighting, to compensate for the short days. Generally keep the lighting as close the the hrs your going to introduce them to outside. 15-16 hrs on seems to work best for me
  7. Mr.Marijuana420

    Salvia great every time

    Anyone find DMT and salvia to be somewhat similar
  8. Mr.Marijuana420

    Salvia great every time

    I did it once, very weird. I layed my head on the picnic table and it was as if all of reality flipped with me and I merged into the picnic table. And it was very dissociative afterwards, but also interesting. Wasn't a bad experience
  9. Mr.Marijuana420

    Spore syringes

    I ordered once a long time ago and the syringes were bad. Ralphsters was always my go to, and mail in a hand written SOTM on a piece of paper and get a free syringe. Good prices and selection and never had a bad syringe. Only cash and money order, but never had and issue
  10. Mr.Marijuana420

    Anybody growing mushrooms willing to talk???

    That's Albino P.E. correct? They don't need much light but do better with full coverage over the mycelium for more even pinning and less aborts
  11. Mr.Marijuana420

    Anybody growing mushrooms willing to talk???

    Canddo knows whats up. I used a lot of advice from him after going to bulk monotubs. PC to sterilize popcorn, white seems better. I never got around to cloning with tissue, but had a couple I wish I did. Generally around 1 cc spore solution for qt jar. Hardest part is making sure you cook the...
  12. Mr.Marijuana420

    Sherb Cream Pie and Super Boof

    Rec is now legal in my state, it's still not entirely in the works and a lot of nonsense and garbage sold. But every now and again I get some that must be sourced from somewhere legit because in 15 years of smoking these two I came across check all the boxes for me and both are similar in taste...
  13. Mr.Marijuana420


    There are genetic herms, but usually if you have a few seeds in what is otherwise good bud, the plant was stressed and turned hermie, but was biologically female. The offspring is often feminized seeds. Looks like decent nugget.
  14. Mr.Marijuana420

    Anyone nearby PTC, Georgia?

    Just moved out this way and don't know anyone, pm me.
  15. Mr.Marijuana420


    Where ya at? Havent been on here in sometime, cant find your page or northeastmarco. What happened to the seedbank, hoping someone can fill me in, and all is well
  16. Mr.Marijuana420

    Pruning to REDUCE size and yield?

    Cure on the branch. Look into methods people use to cure large amounts. Trim off big fan leaves, dry with the sugar leaves still on, and cure your branches in an appropriate sized bin, burp as necessary, and trim when you can
  17. Mr.Marijuana420

    Messing around outdoors

    Those are healthy, minor insect damage is normal outside.
  18. Mr.Marijuana420

    Mr.Mj's '17, back at it

    Season all done here, not quite how I wanted, but overall pleased. Rippers got 5, but didn't clear me out before I took down the rest. Then the next week helos flew over a separate area while I was back mid cut, and was a half hr of the most intense madness you can imagine, fuckers refuelled and...
  19. Mr.Marijuana420

    Mr.Mj's '17, back at it

    A few more came down today, gonna be a busy week little lady transplanted way late, nice bud though
  20. Mr.Marijuana420

    Mr.Mj's '17, back at it

    Had a couple come down today, never a bad thing when they are falling over with their own weight. Could've taken more but wasn't prepared. Lots coming down soon, I'll try and keep pics coming