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  1. yesum

    The Real Seed Company (RSC)

    So I grew out a one or two I guess Dakshinkali plants. Good smoke but not a real trip or something special. The Rasoli was really nice, smooth mid range effect, not nervous and not sedating. Nanda Devi was nice, could get a bit intense with some phenos. The Malawi I grew was indica looking...
  2. yesum


    On their new website it looks like the blueberry and northern lights are maybe different than before when it was illegal. Not sure. I have the old NL, BB super skunk and I think some C99 seeds. Been on a landrace sativa kick for some years now but may revisit the peak seeds.
  3. yesum

    Anyone carry a knife daily?

    Shivs are fine but pics of prison wallets, out of bounds.
  4. yesum

    RIP Jim Ladd

    Those were the days. Sad to hear of Jim passing. Does not seem that long ago when that fish report came on. Video made me think that was Cynthia Fox but I guess not, those are actors. Paraquat Kelly was a fixture too, guy in the video is not him. Jim seemed to care about his listeners.
  5. yesum

    Anyone carry a knife daily?

    These are the latest and hopefully the last knives I buy. hehe Top is a large Honey Badger Leaf, Sencut Mims and bottom is a Kubey Merced. Liner locks and I spine whacked each several times to check and all are solid. I got 2 of the Merced and will likely add another Badger in case I lose or...
  6. yesum

    Ace Seeds- Golden Tiger

    ^^ Nrk Yes. RSC is likely the same thing. Trippy at low dose is rare. When you get an overdose of thc, then it gets trippy but different kind. Not as good. Like paralyzed by the strength kind of trip.
  7. yesum

    Ace Seeds- Golden Tiger

    I grew out 1 or 2 GT and while strong, it was not so trippy or what I wanted. Not sure if I used all the 5 seeds I had of it, will look. I have a Malawi strain straight out of Africa right now. I have seeds, have not popped them. I feel I have run enough Thai strains to give it a good...
  8. yesum

    Hi, I do not remember but it seemed to be in Europe, Tropical Seeds?. I looked up the strain...

    Hi, I do not remember but it seemed to be in Europe, Tropical Seeds?. I looked up the strain name on google and this company carries it.
  9. yesum

    Trichomes are about 50% amber at 4 weeks into budding?!?!?(not talking about pistils)

    I noticed this thread today because I got a like on it. I had written that I wait till amber on lower leaves in 2012. hehe Times change, I no longer wait on amber resin at all. I see some cloudy resin and I chop it. The pistils can be mostly white or immature in color, no matter to me. I...
  10. yesum

    Stop cutting your clone stems at a 45! There's a better way to get a white beard growing.

    I guess this concentric circles is Greek for scraping the hard outer part of the stem off from about an inch from where you cut it, or bottom of the clone. I have been doing that for a while, it does help quite a bit.
  11. yesum

    Spider Farmer led grow light--less watts, more light

    I see a 200 watt light for a 2x2 tent, I assume this is feet? I have a 2x2 foot tent and was using the 100 watt model. It just died the other day after around 2 years of use. The 200 watt model it might do better for flowering.
  12. yesum

    TLT Corinto Purple and ILE Burma Mong Hsat

    These are two ILE Burma Mong Hsat plants after 86 days flower. One of the plants turned purple or bluish and the other two did not. I favored the regular colored one and am trying to reveg it now. Both are good though. Fuzzy effect but sativa and energetic without being anxious. Real nice. No...
  13. yesum

    The Real Seed Company (RSC)

    I have 9 Himalayan lines now from RSC. I am thinking to pop the Dakshinkali first as it is a bud type smoke not hash. I would rather smoke buds but can make dry sift, have done it before. Nanda Devi is another I need to get to. It took about 5 weeks for the last shipment from RSC to arrive...
  14. yesum

    The landrace team?

    The Corinto Purple from them is very strong stuff. Very sativa and over all nice high with euphoria. Trippy with low tolerance. I had to lay off it as I was getting too spacy even after coming down.
  15. yesum

    The landrace team?

    Not everyone has access rare landrace genetics and have to get them from someone. I now can ask of people that have such genetics and get quite a few, but not before. I hate asking for seeds, hehe. When I post about using these TLT seeds I do the disclaimer thing. They provide a service...
  16. yesum

    The landrace team?

    I liked Snow's Panama better but not by much. Both are potent and trippy. ACE version has a pink and green pheno. I thought the green was a little better. Colors of calyxes. Dr Greenthumb has a Panama and that is very much like the Snow PR. Snow has not answered my emails for a few months...
  17. yesum

    The landrace team?

    I had them done in about 50 days. I use 9/15 lights, so it speeds things up. This is like C99 in speed of flower. It seems to be a worked line and not from a remote village in Africa. It could be both, it could have been from a village and now has been worked. It could have been crossed to...
  18. yesum

    The landrace team?

    I tried to grow the Uganda and no luck, 20 seeds later and nothing. If any know about the high or have made seeds of it, I am all ears. The Congo Black is legit, nice throwback to my early Mexican pot days. '74 and around then. Great high, starts trippy and gets into happy land with easy...
  19. yesum

    Your latest seed purchase?

    The Landrace Team Congo Black. Seeds were half viable, all females. They are sending 5 replacement seeds, hope for a male in the bunch so I can reproduce the line. Supposed to be LSD in effect. I hope.........
  20. yesum

    Recommendations for True Landrace Strains?

    To update, the C99 I have had was fruit punch or guava taste or pineapple. The Manipur from ILE or RSC is among my favs now. Chellakutti and Kullu from ILE is up there, all Indian lines. I have some Congo Black germinating now and hope it lives up to the billing, as the review at the website...