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    Res Change Caused Plant to Wilt?

    I would be curious how much the roots can handle in DWC when the pH goes insanely low like that... that's LOW... I've never even seen anything close to that in my "OH MY GOD!!" panic mode DWC pH issues. To the OP... Go back to what was working if nothing else. There is a MASSIVE amount of BS...
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    EZ Cloner help!

    Make $2200 worth of "Clear Rez" for $4 !!! | Rollitup
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    Used UC Roots hydroponic mineral de scaler for years. I need a replacement or a way to make something myself

    If someone can explain why UC roots is any different... Check this thread out. Make $2200 worth of "Clear Rez" for $4 !!! | Rollitup
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    Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) Thread

    Do you feel you got this??? Epic production and easy to care for plants make her great for new and experienced growers alike. Fat light green & purple buds shine through her deep green and heavily serrated foliage
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    is this a legit site to order recharge from ?

    Do you get a discount with your membership?
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    Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) Thread

    They must have had a meeting and realized there was no way of making this look good other than refunds. Did you see anything on your Triploid grow and/or what is your main complaint? If the beans grow and don't herm, do they give ya what was advertised or was the whole thing bullshit from...
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    AC Infinity, Spider Farm and Gorilla ...Grow tent opinions.

    I have one of all of them, and AC is the best. The spider farmer is surprisingly good. The vivo gets the job done, and the Gorilla has the worst zipper/door design you can imagine. I HATE my Gorilla tent.
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    Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) Thread

    I was just over at Reddit HSC forum and a guy posted that his OG trip hermed and seeded some other HSC gear near it. He doesn't know if the seeds are viable, but the plants are attempting to make em, regardless. That's a great looking plant, but NOTHING about it says... oh man that's the...
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    Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) Thread

    Here's an update with some interviewing going on of Humbolt... I haven't watched it yet. Just read the comments. People aren't' having any of their cover up BS and their lackies trying to attack the growers. Triploid Hunt Update - Open Q&A with Humboldt Seed Company (
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    Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) Thread

    What you're saying certainly makes sense. One counter is that, it would appear HSC didn't do the kind of quality control you'd expect from a company that large with serious resources. They were caught as off guard as the buyers. They are charging a PREMIUM for seeds that are basically...
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    Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) Thread

    They are having herm issues and went in under cover and changed their web site description that the Triploid Donutz is an OUTDOOR plant.
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    Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) Thread

    Check this out... I feel like an idiot now. HSC found a problem with Triploids... and they changed their description. MANY people would NOT have bought the triploids if they had the full story.... The Humboldt Seed Company Triploid Controversy (
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    How to request total deletion of posted content.

    I was hoping that everything I've ever posted on here could be deleted. Is that something that can be done by a mod or is it too much hassle and can only be done one by one at a time?
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    AutoPots Newbie - At what point can I stop top watering and turn on the autpots?

    I'd bet you're good to go. It's crazy how fast those roots start heading down. Also the wicking will EASILY get half way up the pot if not 80% of the way very quickly... less than 24hrs.
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    Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) Thread

    They say Guzzlerz supposed to have a crazy smell... you getting anything yet?
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    In House Genetics Thread

    Anyone have a quick up to date recommendation for the highest yielding FIRE seeds they offer? I've got two cultivars now that look really good, and they are having a sale tomorrow, so I'm potentially wanting to get more, but I don't know.....Things are changing quickly in the scene. You...
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    Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) Thread

    Wow, that's wild. You might take that over to the plant problems section. I wouldn't count on it surviving... it's in BAD shape. I'd look at the following, which will help people diagnose what's up. Look at the roots. Get some pH and EC info. What nutrients. Maaaaaybe, light intensity at...
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    atrocity's Extremely Monstrous - DWC - Tropicana Poison F1 FAST (3) and Strawberry Cough (1)

    Wait, wait, wait, wait.... a guy above just said with high confidence, that his temps NEED to be 66-68?1?!?! So clearly your picture is a product of A.I.
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    Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) Thread

    OHHHHHHHH Nellie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the same seeds, but haven't popped any yet. Definitely be watching this.
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    In House Genetics Thread

    Here's some pics of a couple mom plants (47 days 12/12 from flip) from seed. I have Mac Stomper x PKB and Slurricane x PKB. The Slurricane was a bit of a runt, but you'd never know it now. I also HORRIBLY undersized the pots on these. I had to see it with my own eyes to realize my idea was...