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  1. jjng5

    New study: Exposure to LED not good for us

    An interesting new article came out studying the affects of persistent exposure to LED light. The study finds that the blue spectrum of LED light can cause increased retina damage as opposed to other forms of light. It also can affect our sleep cycles. It is found to be "photo-toxic" and the...
  2. jjng5

    DIY with Quantum Boards

    @pop22 Is this an auto strain? I'm blown away by the three leaf grow!
  3. jjng5

    Pure rooting hormones: IAA, IBA, NAA

    I tried bubble cloners and they absolutely are the worst for me. I hated it and eventually they ALWAYS would get stem rot and damp off. I've gotten that translucent slime once too. I tried everything you can think of and more then once. The most success I've had to date are with aerocloners...
  4. jjng5

    Pure rooting hormones: IAA, IBA, NAA

    @Roger A. Shrubber You seem to know a lot about rooting hormones! I sprayed plants with a mixure of IBA and IAA and it damaged them and I had to start over. Spraying foliage with hormones is a bad move. This time I made up a solution of IAA and dipped only the stems of the fresh cuttings...
  5. jjng5

    Topping questions.

    Don't cut too much off of a young plant or you'll stunt the plant. Ensure it has a dark cycle so it can recovery quickly. Also if you're getting ready to flower, top about a week before. Could do slightly less if it's a sativa strain -- either way make sure it has at least a few days before...
  6. jjng5

    Cloning. Is this Normal?

    Yeppers. Especially with the lowest leaf sets. This means you're doing it right. Nicely done. Anymore I know I avoid misting them, avoid adding anything except a little hormex solution into my cloner unit, and I dropped the humidity dome and instead try to provide a favorable humidity range...
  7. jjng5

    Newly transplanted clones too stressed?

    This is what I've found to be true as well. Less light and higher humidity during the transition. The top leaf sets will begin to perk up and reach for the light when it's ready to lower them down again. Right now you want the plant focused on establishing it's root zone in it's new...
  8. jjng5

    Is it a good led for growing weed?

    HLG lights are awesome and cheap enough now.
  9. jjng5

    Newly transplanted clones too stressed?

    You just transplanted them? They need to adjust to their new environment. Keep the light higher up off of them, keep humidity up, and do not over water. They cannot handle a lot of light at this point. You'll know once they want more light, their top leaf sets will start to reach for it...
  10. jjng5

    Pure rooting hormones: IAA, IBA, NAA

    I know we all have our favorite gels, powders, and rooting solutions. Has anyone purchased pure 99% rooting hormones and utilized before? I picked up some IAA, IBA, and NAA. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience using these with results? Instructions said to mix 100 MG of each into 100...
  11. jjng5

    Help from SOG growers only please

    2-4 plants per sq foot in hydro. 1-2 plants per sq. foot in soil. 8-12 " tall before the flip depending upon spacing.
  12. jjng5

    The Ideal spectrum.

    Put that tomato in your pipe and smoke it! Haha jk
  13. jjng5

    The Ideal spectrum.

    Wish I knew what "Secret LED #3" was haha. For the time being I'll keep throwing paint at the wall and hoping most of it sticks! Haha... (or light in this case of course)
  14. jjng5

    The Ideal spectrum.

    That's what I'm trying to explore. I'm just wondering at what point, maybe we don't even know yet.
  15. jjng5

    The Ideal spectrum.

    If it's 100k of UV or Ultrasonic light I'd probably roll over... that's my point. I don't think you're understanding me. It's cool though
  16. jjng5

    The Ideal spectrum.

    Again, I get the basic theory. I think we all do. Plants like light. No doubt. But when I paint a wall do I want to use a paint brush to apply it with precision or do I just throw the whole bucket of paint at the wall until some lands on the dry wall with the other half landing on the floor...
  17. jjng5

    The Ideal spectrum.

    I understand that part, but then the question becomes "how much?". Am I right? It's all about dosing in quantities that matter. Not even quantities so much as ratios once we assume enough quantity. That's what I'm trying to understand. I get that red light is prioritized, then blues/white...
  18. jjng5

    The Ideal spectrum.

    Interesting read @trojanvirus -- and we were all told that green light was totally wasted. Here we find out that it provides penetration to the lower chloroplasts in smaller quantity more so than added red's or blue's once initial chloroplasts are filled / saturated. Am I understanding that...
  19. jjng5

    4x8 Tent Set Up-HPS AND BIG YIELDS

    I once tried to plant seeds in the woods as a teen... they never germinated lol