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  1. Jables&Jakoseph

    sooooo close

    Glad everything is okay. Have they been back at all? The one thing im worried about for my first indoor, is heat detection. & Im no expert but i hope this isnt the case. But if it was, youd think they would bring a search warrant. No?
  2. Jables&Jakoseph

    fuck sport channels... .. you're welcome. (every sport, every game; live ) :D :D
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    "People are dumb" Rant thread

    People consist of many persons though, no? At this point, you've lost me. :roll:
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    r1e1e r 1e re1r

    r1e1e r 1e re1r
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    Good rap??

    Local artist i grew up with - all of these are just mixes but they're solid. His mixtape is coming soon so if you like his stuff sub and be prepared. Kinda cloudy productions never hesitates! Enjoy !
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    Pix That Make You LOL-Warning-SNWS

    this had me laughing for a good hour
  7. Jables&Jakoseph

    Finding bud in Niagara Falls Canada...

    I had the same issue, you just need to scroll down the page and on the left hand side, underneath the links it says "a stoners guide to..." with a drop down of all the archived citys.
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    When you smoke, do you smoke, just bud, bud with tobacco, or bud with smoking herb?

    I mainly smoke tubes, but I always pack my bowls with alittle tobacco on the bottom and about .5- a gram ontop. Depends on the quality of the herb. GoodTimesss :weed:
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    Kottonmouth kings

    420 - Kottonmouth Kings . An all time favorite Enjoy ;-) bongsmilie :peace:
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    Amy Winehouse Dead

    A more in-depth article: I guess she couldn't say "no". ;)
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    hey riu, long time no post. I almost forgot about this thread, i guess shes still kickin eh ! :P
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    Possible outdoor drybox? Expert advice would be much appreciated!

    Unreal, that was such a huge help! I might do the tent/fort idea and put the buds in the containers you posted in your last post. It would keep the buds safe from insects and due ect.. Ive also decided that my grow this season will consist of the 54 bagseeds i have as well as 6 feminised serious...
  13. Jables&Jakoseph

    Blowin' glass on my new mirage - WINTER 2010/11

    im loving the white on the inside of the bowl with the "pinch" look for the hole. Id love to see the white on the inside of a bubbler bowl, i think that would give the piece a great touch. sub'ed and waiting the the right wet piece ;) great work!
  14. Jables&Jakoseph

    Possible outdoor drybox? Expert advice would be much appreciated!

    hmm, i totally forgot about the breeze factor. That sounds like a good idea though, i just hate the sound of leaving my harvest unattended for prolonged periods of time when its out in the elements like that. Id much rather do the box idea and modify it so i can have a computer fan or something...
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    Possible outdoor drybox? Expert advice would be much appreciated!

    Hey guys , long time no post. Im finally planning my first gurilla for next season and im thinking about what im going to do when harvest time comes around. I was thinking i could build a wooden box 8 feet long, 2.5-3 feet wide and 2 feet high with string strung inside as a platform for the...
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    Good day from the tampa area

    Heyy RIU, been a member for afew years now but just recently moved to the area, just thought id drop in and say hey. lookin to meet some new people, don't be afraid to say hi! -J&J:bigjoint:
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    DillWeed's 2009 summer grow journal: Two Lbs. or Bust! (2x1000 watt HPS in grow tent)

    Beautiful ladies Dillweed. I'm sure these questions have been answered in the thread already but do you use the trio pack FF nutes? How long are the bottles lasting you? :leaf:
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    Round Three: GHS Trainwreck

    Lookin' to grow some of GHS Trainwreck myself so ill be watching. good luck with the grow! :leaf:
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    Germination Questions.

    That thread needs to be stickied(sp?) if not already.
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    Germination Questions.

    spida, you're over complicating growing a plant. I realize you're new at this and need some guidance but what makes any difference if the soil is already wet or not? I personally would rather plant the seed in dry soil then water but that's just me. There's no specific schedule for watering...