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  1. GrowTech

    not new to growing...done many outdoor grows

    If you're interested in selling on the forum you will need an Elite account which will give you access to the classifieds and other forums to participate in. :)
  2. GrowTech

    mmm kitty!

    mmm kitty!
  3. GrowTech

    I hate grasscity!

    LOL. Guy has a boner for me because he received an infraction for insulting/attacking other users.
  4. GrowTech

    I hate grasscity!

    Pretty upset over an infraction don't you think?
  5. GrowTech

    For those of you who quit smoking those cancer sticks!Or want to!

    i strongly recommend anyone who wants to quit smoking real cigarettes check out the electronic cigarette review site I run.
  6. GrowTech

    new name

    I put my vote in :)
  7. GrowTech

    Black light.... Any benefit

    Black light is for after smoking :)
  8. GrowTech

    got busted with 2 grames of weed

    So your county is going to make around $750.00 off of 2 grams of weed... Dealing seems overrated to me now ;)
  9. GrowTech

    What is considered chubby?

    Guys don't get chubby, only women do. Guys just get "bigger and stronger" lol. I'm around your height and I weight 170... so I imagine that you are a twig. Kids say stupid shit to torment others, but you gotta let that be in the past broe.
  10. GrowTech

    2.5 grams

    2 for 30 unless your dealer thinks he's Tony Montana or some shit.
  11. GrowTech

    I like black women

    I would rather be with someone that I'm happy with than concern myself with what my family would prefer I do. A grown ass man shouldn't be bothered with his families opinions, especially when they are as ignorant as that.
  12. GrowTech

    Commercial Growers

    I am closing this thread as it is pointless. Thanks for participating, and remember to play nice.
  13. GrowTech

    Who cares about the name of the business, it's about the quality of the product, price, and the service... Is it not?
  14. GrowTech

    Looks like MMJ may have taken a big hit with Oaklands new big ganjapharma!

    You currently have 8 threads regarding this... Could we keep it at that, and not create new threads over the same issue, please? Thanks!
  15. GrowTech

    Can Anyone Tell Me What Plant This Is?

    Looks like an ice plant to me.
  16. GrowTech

    Any advice for soon to be apartment growers?

    Been there, done that. Pain in the ass if you live in an area with annual inspections. It IS doable, however you have to be willing to sacrifice your crop should there be any problems. Also sucks to freak out over every single footstep walking past the door.
  17. GrowTech

    If Prop 19 passes I will join the rebel alliance.

    Alright guys play nice. No reason for anyone to insult or attack another member. Keep it civil!
  18. GrowTech

    Produce weed in 43 days

    I can't believe someone just compared this professor cat to Jack Herer or Jorge Cervantes. You guys need to lay off the pot a bit, your psychosis is real. This guy just seems like he took getting busted as a way to act an activist. Professor Marijuana is not a Jack Herer, or a Cervantes...
  19. GrowTech

    I hate grasscity!

    Cat does look pretty beat up... A little scabby... maybe it has fleas and is biting itself? You should take her to a vet!
  20. GrowTech

    Produce weed in 43 days

    I'm going to be honest here... After a few minutes of reading the thread I felt like I was being set up for some product demonstration. This individual claims to have come here to offer insight, and new ideas on growing... however nothing has been delivered... I think it's great that you've...