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  1. wyteberrywidow

    Most reliable, accurate ph pen?

    I was recommended the blue lab combo meter. Also i hear the bluelab guardian (i think thats the name) is another good and reliable one.
  2. wyteberrywidow

    Area 51 Genetics? Anyone ever hear of them?

    Nice!!! It definitely has a kick to it and adding stardawg i can imagine. Looking forward to grabbing a few of those stardawg and astrdawg x's
  3. wyteberrywidow

    Area 51 Genetics? Anyone ever hear of them?

    There were a couple on tsd. But everything went when that ship sank.
  4. wyteberrywidow

    Rare dankness/rd genetics

    I have a pack of these i plan on doing next with some wifi alien. I also see seedsman has a promo where you buy a pack of rd and get either a pack of leeroy or a pack of dark shadow haze.
  5. wyteberrywidow

    Rare dankness/rd genetics

    Thank you kindly for that link. Sucks they dont take mastercard. But i do have a visa as well so looks like ill be grabbing something lol
  6. wyteberrywidow

    Rare dankness/rd genetics

    I'm still trying to grab a few packs from archive. Ever since the tude had problems it was out of stock at seedman.
  7. wyteberrywidow

    Rare dankness/rd genetics

    Lmao hint hint
  8. wyteberrywidow

    Rare dankness/rd genetics

    Anybody know whats the make up of the buford og they have?
  9. wyteberrywidow

    Rare dankness/rd genetics

    Lol im surprised at that comment. I know the cornbreads put me on anpther level with the dankness lol
  10. wyteberrywidow

    Shishkaboy's breeding showcase

    I prob got a few koolaids left.. not sure def would have to dig thru to see. Still got some singles of querkle too lol.
  11. wyteberrywidow

    Clone only strains

    Agreed she is fine the way she is. I mean 2 generation of hermitage is asking for problems in one's garden trying to breed with so proceed with caution.
  12. wyteberrywidow

    bodhi seeds

    With the cuts used in the milk series almost all will be similar with slight differences. All the kush cuts used could be related.
  13. wyteberrywidow

    boy or girl i cant tell?

    Lol no need for better pics thats a male. Unless you are collecting pollen axe him.
  14. wyteberrywidow

    Multi Strain Review What Did You Guys Experience?

    I grew the slh years back def some dank and was cloned for about a year or so. She grew tall and yielded nice. The 818 headband aka sour og is definitely some dank in there. I grew that 1 a couple times. Grows tall depending on pheno can yield well and taste like diesel/lemon/pledge/gas...
  15. wyteberrywidow

    cheapest way to veg

    No they don't lmao i own 2 that can veg a 3x3 space each perfectly that i paid $400 a piece for. Cfls are good to use as well. I use those for my little clone box. Well yeah cheap to buy but watts is watts. So 60 watts of t12 is the same as 60 from cfl and so on. So its the same to run if you...
  16. wyteberrywidow

    cheapest way to veg

    Get yourself another light source. T5,t8 or even standard t12 could do the trick. You can also go h.i.d. and get a 400 or 600 to veg. Another option would be led (imo best option being you are flowering with the 1000hps).
  17. wyteberrywidow

    White Fire OG Wifi - Og raskal - In stock anywhere?

    Yeah i heard of the wifi #43. Sipposed to be a og on roids
  18. wyteberrywidow

    to clip or not to clip...undergrowth

    I'd do it imo. Unless you want some popcorn buds.
  19. wyteberrywidow

    White Fire OG Wifi - Og raskal - In stock anywhere?

    Yeah they said a next drop 3-4 months for the wifi sheesh. But still 13 other strains avail i believe; )
  20. wyteberrywidow

    Got busted at the lab for cheating on a urine drug test

    Was this to get a job or to keep your job because they were suspecting you of something?