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    Clearwater Genetics

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    Clearwater Genetics

    Is this legit website? Has anyone ordered from here before?
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    What’s causing them to droop?

    Hi mate did you ever find out what was going on? I'm having similar issues, I'm growing with 2x Mars hydro ts 3000 in a 8x4 tent. To me it looks like overwatering but it's not because I pulled some out into pots and left the rest in nft trays. What I'm thinking now is that the transpiration...
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    Coco plants drooping, help needed

    Did you ever find out what caused this? I'm having similar issues for the 4th time round now and I still can't work out what's going on. I'm at a point now where I'm thinking it's the transpiration rates are different under led lights than what they are under hps. So in theory if plants...
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    New FSeries Build. Plants drooping

    How did this turn out in the end mate? Having similar issues with mars hydro ts 3000. I've switched back to hps for now but still looks like my problem continues but this is very interesting with using led lights
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    Hi mate did you ever find out what was going on? My plants look just like this and I'm about to kill my 4th cycle trying to figure this problem out I keep having. Do you think it's something to do with transpiration rates under led lights? Looks like overwatering but as I understand, plants...
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    Leaves are turning light green and drooping

    Hi mate did you ever find out what was going on? Mine look just like this, I was using Mars hydro ts 3000 x2 and it looks overwatered. My thinking is maybe that transpiration rates change alot under led lights and if its less then it can look like overwatering issues. I'm still trying to...
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    Drooping for days help!

    Hi mate did you ever find out what was causing this? Was it something to do with the led lights and maybe transpiration issues? I'm having the same problem with mine and it's been months I'm still not finding any answers.
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    Plant 2 weeks old, Leaves very droopy and wrinkled.. starting to yellow

    Hi mate did you ever solve this issue? I'm having the same kinda problems going on
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    plants have new growth on leaves but it's curling down in veg

    Did you ever figure this out? Mine look very similar to this and I've been trying to figure out this problem for a long time now it's so frustrating.
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    Drooping plants papery leaves.

    I've got half on an nft tray and half in pots now, it really does look like overwatering issues but it's not. I'm thinking it could be some transpiration issues maybe. I've got them under 2 hps lights now maybe that could help dry them out and bring them back
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    Plants look normal but leaves feel dry????

    I wonder if anyone else going through this?
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    Drooping plants papery leaves.

    Plants dying, looks like overwatering but it's not Is there anyone out there that has seen or heard of anything like this? So I'm not a noob and I've successfully grown plants in much harsher conditions than what I'm doing now, I've had them in all kinds of different methods with huge swings...
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    Purple Stems and Veins

    I know this is ancient post, but did you ever find out what was going on?
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    Papery leaves, plants dying, please help!

    Thanks for the reply my friend, I will do this and hopefully they'll regain some life
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    Papery leaves, plants dying, please help!

    Because I thought it was a little bit too much as the reservoir gets more concentrated when the water levels get lower. They were actually doing better when ppms were higher.
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    Papery leaves, plants dying, please help!

    I can't think of anything else that I've not covered, I've even gone to thinking there must be a disease or maybe something bad in my nutrients or water? Scratching my head with this 1
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    Papery leaves, plants dying, please help!

    I have actually diluted the nutrients last week because they were actually loving it at around 1400ppm, and now they're not loving it.
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    Papery leaves, plants dying, please help!

    Roots looking really good and healthy, I'm beginning to think that it could be some kind of transpiration issues, maybe because led doesn't give off much heat and plants retaining too much water? It looks similar to what overwatering looks like
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    Papery leaves, plants dying, please help!

    Ohh yea so roots are looking good so far, nice healthy white. I'm beginning to think it could be transpiration issues maybe?