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    How much time should i wait to harvest?

    I've had Autos go 120 days+mostly Dinafem or Dutch passion especially the Extra large types, but that is in 50 lire or more fabric pots.
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    sensi nutrients ec

    Hi, were you going to ask for recommendations for E.C. levels? I just got some Sensi to try to avoid messing with PH, From reading around I've started at around 3/4 of the recommended strength gives me .8ec till the plants root out and then I will ramp it up ,I peak up around 1.8ec with Canna so...
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    Stuff that doesn't really fit in either "Examples of" thread....

    Maybe start with a Skin-tag and work up, Feeling a shade ill thinking about it , but I suppose the whole of Agriculture is a kind of slow motion Soylent green type of deal.
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    Stuff that doesn't really fit in either "Examples of" thread....

    Be like eating a Cyst :spew: The Meat Cell /Rice combo that is.:eyesmoke:
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    Looking for up to date info and advice concerning auto flower indica dominant seeds

    Dutch passion's Auto Night Queen, convinced my skeptical friends (with 30+ years of smoking experience apiece) that Autos can be knock out stuff. I need a Sativa -Paradise seeds L.A.Amnesia at the minute- for the day time to be able to function,then a nice heavy sedative evening Indica. I have...
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    Seedling not shelling issue..

    The enzyme in saliva should dissolve it's hinge so it falls off or loosens, I just did this the other day on a Seed stockers seedling that got it's case stuck. Spat on my finger dribbled it on and brushed the two cases off after around 10mins.
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    Can we talk carbon filters for a minute

    My A.C. Infinity filter lasted around three weeks before it stopped working, I flipped the filter around and got around another fortnight of use...
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    Climate in the 21st Century

    I don't trust Google either, Maybe I'm a paranoid stoner/old fashioned:bigjoint:
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    Climate in the 21st Century

    This happens to me on every "X" link on Rollitup, on other sites I get to read the single post quoted, unlike before when I could read the whole linked thread. Not getting an account either.
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    Fans for tents

    I use PC fans (140mm) ,some attached to a frame in banks of 3/4 and singles hanging throughout the tent,only .25 watts per fan and they can be run through a cheap speed control. Certainly works in my small scale setups 1.2m(4'x4') tent. They seem less inclined to " go on fire" than the clip on...
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    Best ways to suck water from drain pan???

    I use an engine oil extractor ("Hansen" brand) its a plastic bottle with pump in top around 6 liter capacity, like a reverse pressure sprayer from ebay around £12.
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    Long term flower storage in the summer.

    I bag and freeze stuff likely to be around for more than 6 months, nothing fancy,I bag in Oz.'s I use a straw to "vacuum" the freezer bag with a drinking straw (cheaper and gentler than a machine). When you want to use it let the bag sit to defrost for an hour and it looks and smokes same as it...
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    BVV 710 extraction solvent

    Missed the winterizing bit:eyesmoke:
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    BVV 710 extraction solvent

    "710SPIRITS® is not for personal use. Home tinctures and RSO’s are not recommended with this product." from H.T.H.
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    Brewers yeast CO2 Gen.

    Animal feed Yeast is dead, you need the stuff from a brew shop or bakers,or Amazon. Waste of time
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    pc fan or mini oscilating fan?

    I use PC fans in small (4'x4') tents Arctic 140mm 1.4 Watt Can attach to strip to make a unit I hang on a level with the plants, or down the corner of the tent attached by wire to the one below in strings of 3 fans. Has kept me mold free -would be guaranteed an appearance of bud rot nearly...
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    Which type of vitamin C to remove chlorine from tap water?

    Just to clarify English tap water is suitable to use "as is"regarding Chlorine/amides no amendment needed, I filter 'cos the Cal/Mag ratio in my area.
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    Which type of vitamin C to remove chlorine from tap water?

    I don't use it for my plants I have an Reverse osmosis filter for them. The chemistry is sound,the amount needed is tiny,(and cheap) I don't think it adds anything,just reacts with Chloramines to neutralize them. It is definitely non toxic at these doses , 100's of pints (Beer)made and...
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    Which type of vitamin C to remove chlorine from tap water?

    A piece of camden tablet,or a tiny pinch of Sodium metabisulphate will instantly neutralize chloramines, for eg I use literally a pinch into 30 lires of water for brewing, very cheap from a homebrew shop. Can't post links but the Wliki Sodium metabisulfite has "It is used in the water...