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    DIY LED light

    They were 3.70,then I bought 24 then they went up to 20.60
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    Would you run these

    I would be highly upset, and shocked lol
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    Would you run these

    My last nasc freebie was 2 blue dream and 2 rd ghost train haze #1 I'm running both now, 1 of the gth beans won't pop, you could tell by looking at it, I'm not surprised
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    ** Bag Of Oranges ** Community Journal **

    So I've never run CO2 before but.. I found a Titan 4 burner with Atlas 9 Controller for $100, It's. Goin in a 5' x 11' x 7' tall room with a 630 watt cmh and about 1200 watt worth of led, think Itll be okay with my little 5000 BTU ac window unit? I got ventilation as well, and set the controller...
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    Would you run these

    That's my thoughts, I hate smoking pot and waiting for the high that never comes. These freebies were with a pack of Ace Malawi
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    ** Bag Of Oranges ** Community Journal **

    Pulled mines out of the closet and out into my shop they go, they were to big for that space so now there under a 630 watt cmh and my qb 96 4 board 240 watt led rig I built while back, I like higher intincity lighting you can hang higher just my preference. day 36 I think
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    Would you run these

    Would you run these freebies
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    Wizard npk recipe.

    So like 4 or 5 years ago I was planning on making my own nutrients, so I bought wizard npk's recipe for $30. Then a hydro store opened up down the street, more like a shipping facility, I can get 50 lb buckets of maxi grow or bloom for $160, so I never used it. Have any of you ever tried it? I...
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    ** Bag Of Oranges ** Community Journal **

    Frosty as fuck day 32 Dwc boo I'm letting off on the uvb a lil till a few more weeks maybe
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    Mel Frank's Durban Poison S1's

    Colorado sativas has a few different Durban I been thinking about purchasing good prices to.
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    Length of flower/ripeness

    Ive noticed breeders flowering times have been off by at least 30% every pack I've ever grown I had 1 Ethos hash plant bx1 finish in 8 weeks, closest I ever seen
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    Few ideas to get around the heating issue with LED lights.

    Diy geothermal heatpump setup on solar panels would be ideal I've thought about this a lot lately I think I could pull it off
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    ** Bag Of Oranges ** Community Journal **

    I dusted a couple branches of the boo, and boo x ww with feminized citridelic sunset pollen, the mother of the pollen was my best bubble hash yeilding plant I've ever grown. I think Itll be a good mix, and maintain the orange/mandarin smell. Citridelic sunset is (ghost train haze x mandarin...
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    ** Bag Of Oranges ** Community Journal **

    I know right! I got forced into putting off flowering because here in Oklahoma we had a serious freeze and power outage that destroyed my crops in my shop. These plants are in my bedroom closet, I've been thinking of splitting them up since the forecast is much better. They are doing very well...
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    LM301H vs LM301H-EVO

    I think where hlg hit the nail on the head is when they quit using only Samsung. Id like to see more diversity in that department.
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    ** Bag Of Oranges ** Community Journal **

    Day 30 flowering
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    LED strips in 2024, Help needed selecting best parts for first DIY

    I've run em in series works fine but when you put your pots together you gotta change from 100k ohm to 50k or your dimming will only work on half the knob it'll still work but you'll only be able to use half the knob so it'll be sensitive and it just sucks , the lrs work good in series or...
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    Somali taxi ride rare dankness

    Anyone here ever grow this one? I seen some old threads not much tho, I don't expect to many people like such long flowering plants.
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    Somali taxi ride rare dankness

    3 are coming up nicely, 1 ain't tryina do much, it's still alive just don't really have high expectations for that one.
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    Same here but I like to water real heavy when I do kinda keeps salts down from what I understand, the trio gets expensive especially when you use kool bloom liquid and dry it all adds up quickly