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  1. 2WorldsFrog

    Dispensary weed in Ma is so cheap, is it worth growing anymore?

    A little perspective here, I gladly paid $80 for a 1/2 oz of brown, seedy brickweed in MI back in the 90's. That's all there was. The stuff was so dry it would rip through rolling papers unless you absolutely powdered it. The taste was far less than amazing. The quality of the legal stuff might...
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    Welcome New Members! Read this before posting!

    Welcome. Don't kill anymore plants, unless they give you big fat buds first. It's a brave new world.
  3. 2WorldsFrog

    Welcome New Members! Read this before posting!

    Dude, Mexi brick weed seeds in the cornfield!! Good times
  4. 2WorldsFrog

    What's wrong with this growth?

    Looks like nute burn at the tips and a deficiency of something where the rust colored spots are. I had a similar thing happen before, wish I could remember what the cure was. Good luck. There's a good guide to plant problems on GrowWeedEasy.
  5. 2WorldsFrog

    First attempt at growing, 5 plants in 2x4 tent?

    Once upon a time there existed a 2x4 tent with 12-2gal grow bags. That tent needed a lot of airflow to compensate for the density of the canopy and turned out a decent yield with OceanForest soil, HappyFrog nutrients, and a 600watt HPS. There are much better nutrients out there. That was a "how...
  6. 2WorldsFrog

    Opinions on best perpetual grow

    This is sound advice. Personally, I would keep two moms, one to supply each tent. They could be different strains to keep your smoke varied. It's not hard to keep moms in a 2x2 if you manage their size. Get a humidity dome setup for the clones and read up on it. I've kept one on the shelf of a...
  7. 2WorldsFrog

    List of Things Christianity Has Made Worse

    No, people here are not defending christianity. You sir, are deluded. Pretty typical of a christian to say truth is exactly opposite of what it actually is though, and then go on to give their religion credit for something it had nothing to do with, to try and prove an unproveable point through...
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    leave a song for the day

  9. 2WorldsFrog

    List of Things Christianity Has Made Worse

    Things Christianity has made worse....Family "Spare the rod, spoil the child" To my parents meant "beat them with your fucking fishing poles", cane poles that is. Laquered, hardened, fucking cane poles. Think bruises and welts all over a child's rear end and legs, because it's what "god" wants...
  10. 2WorldsFrog

    How do they look? Week 2 flower

    What strain?
  11. 2WorldsFrog

    Didn't think I'd get this far on my first try.......Now what?

    With 4 plants in a 4x4, I'd get a SCROG going. It will give you better use of the grow space, potentially increase yield, and helps manage plant height as they mature toward flowering. It's a beginner friendly technique too, in my opinion anyway. You're geared up for a first grow, congrats on...
  12. 2WorldsFrog

    The Ultimate Odour Control Thread

    I haven't used Phresh, but I can say that going from 4" to 6" with a duct adapter was a noticeable improvement in odor control. Just trying to help. I've also used a 4"filter inside the tent>fan, light> to a 6" outside the tent. Zero odor with that combo. Only thing is that it works the fan...
  13. 2WorldsFrog

    Aliens....Do You Believe?

    Aliens mutilating cows was just super advanced cows trying to find a lost part of their DNA. I think we all know why they don't want to make contact with us.
  14. 2WorldsFrog

    Aliens....Do You Believe?

    Pretty sure Aliens made this, I mean...
  15. 2WorldsFrog

    Aliens....Do You Believe?

    It stands to reason that somewhere there's a planet with a Nitrous Oxide atmosphere, and they put Oxygen in their whipped cream.
  16. 2WorldsFrog

    Aliens....Do You Believe?

    Qanon?! my grandmother REALLY believed she was in the know with that shit. she also told me not to believe everything on the internet so......
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    Aliens....Do You Believe?

    WTF?! my computer started buzzing all crazy after i posted that. Be safe.
  18. 2WorldsFrog

    Aliens....Do You Believe?

    dude, I could show you some google earth shit that would illustrate exactly what you're talking about. I noticed geographical land patterns that, after research of university documents on the subject, discovered were made by magnetic forces way back when the Earth was still fluid elements...
  19. 2WorldsFrog

    Aliens....Do You Believe?

    I don't buy bull.....get it, eh?! BAM! We all think something though I guess.
  20. 2WorldsFrog

    DWC Grow GG#4 Day 23 Flower

    Your pics make me want to grow out some more GG4. I went with some Strawberry Snowcone regs this time. Trying to grow out a seed crop from a promising mom and dad. Those buds look f#$@ nice!