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  1. warble

    Reddish brown dots on leaf veins

    Could it be Manganese def?
  2. warble

    Could this be sun bleaching?

    I suppose nature finds a way. It had been cloudy for quite a few days before I put them outside. Why wouldn't that continue? It was early February. I was hoping that the rain wouldn't flood my plants. Not too worried about sun bleaching. We usually get a little taste of summer at the end of...
  3. warble

    Could this be sun bleaching?

    Humidity in my tent is from 49% to 57%. The humidity outside is from 50% to 74%. These last few days have been very clear and even warm. 68° right now, but It gets in the low fifties in the morning. Could the large swing in temperatures and humidity, cause the leaves to just dry up? The strain...
  4. warble

    Could this be sun bleaching?

    I put my plants outside from my tent. The lights are weak in my tent, I'm just vegging in there. I figured after we had all of that rain last week, I could flower a few before June. I've given her Jack's 20-20-20, cal-mag, 300ppm, 6.3 Ph, peat and perilite media. All of my other plants do not...
  5. warble

    Please help!

    Looks like there are a lot of seeds. Maybe she is done.
  6. warble

    PH issues or Heat stress?

    I'm reading here that in living soil Ph isn't something to worry about. I use cheap Ph meters too. I rinse it off with tap water, cap it and put it in a cool dark shelf. I've had one last two years that way. Most seem to last about a year and a half. I had a blueIab meter and that only lasted a...
  7. warble

    PH issues or Heat stress?

    What do you have going on in those homer buckets with the holes in the sides? Plants that size I would water every four or five days. I have plants bigger than those, I water every seven to ten days. I'm in plastic pots not grow bags. I lift the pots and when they feel light, I keep an eye on...
  8. warble

    What helps longer? Neem seed meal or azamax?

    @crimsonecho Thank you for letting me know about the nitrogen. I don't think I need more nitrogen. I just saw this stuff on Amazon. Has anyone used it? It is half the price of azamax. The hydro store that I got azamax last year closed. I went to the last hydro store in town and they don't carry...
  9. warble

    What helps longer? Neem seed meal or azamax?

    I'm in soil. I do not spray pesticides when in flower. I have used H2O2 when in flower. You can call that a pesticide, but it doesn't affect flavor. Can you top dress neem seed meal when in flower? Does it really keep thirps down? How well does it work with spider mites? I've used azamax and it...
  10. warble

    quick help with my seedlings please

    Clawing down can mean root rot. To fix that I usually give them a dunk in some H2O2 and then nurse them in a DWC for a week or two. After that I put them in soil. You could just pop some holes in the sides and even the bottoms of those solos, to get some more O2 exposure in the soil, but that...
  11. warble

    Deficiency, lockout or nute burn?

    Nobody is going to mention the white specks on the leaves? If your pest control is 'hope', then a little ditomaceous earth proly won't hurt your plant.
  12. warble

    New and Improved TnT Foodie thread

    Haven't made a cake in a while. My girlfriend's birthday is coming up, so, now I know that I need to double my icing recipe.
  13. warble

    Taking clones very late

    While you leave as many leaves as possible, pinch off all flowers. I squeeze the buds and if I feel a lump, I pinch that part off. I do 24/0 hours of light, but YMMV. For me, pinched off flowering clones reveg quicker than just reveging the whole plant. I did lose about a third of the reveging...
  14. warble

    Is this calcium deficiency?

    Maybe too much nitrogen.
  15. warble

    Am I Screwed?

    The correct answer to your question is, you are not screwed. You are still alive. Now you can make even more mistakes. We all do. If you did scorch the driver, you could replace the whole driver or figure out what capacitors blew and replace those. If you are going to reuse that cable, I...
  16. warble

    Still too wet or?

    Those hydrometers are +/- 5%. Burp more.
  17. warble

    New and Improved TnT Foodie thread

    Made my own dough with bread flour. Half pepperoni and half sausage. I like the sausage under the cheese. My girlfriend likes pepperoni.
  18. warble

    DWC veg

    Your plants look very dark, but having those roots is probably keeping the tip burn at bay. Less nitrogen, might help. Maybe just a little lower EC. What are your nute temps? Lower temps could stunt growth. Light distance? You might be able to induce stretch with weaker light. Do you have fans...
  19. warble

    Wilting branches but everything else looks very healthy...?

    When I had root rot, the leaves curled down. But if you checked the roots and they smell bad, pull the plant out of your medium and knock off all the bad roots and soak roots in H2O2 for fifteen minutes and repot in new soil. I sprinkle some cinnamon on the roots, but rooting agent works well too.