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    To Those of You That Have Not Seen this, you should
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    what do you guys think?

    How far along in flowering are they? It looks like they could go a little while longer...maybe 2 weeks? But overall lookin awesome nice job.
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    Temporary solution to pH problem?

    lemon juice lowers the pH if that is the problem
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    Cheap 150 Watt HPS

    most likely you just have to get a utility cord. It comes spliced and ready to use if you go get the cord at wal-mart or lowes or a store like that. I have a 70 watt thats kinda like this, and thats all you had to do. Very simple.
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    check out my babies

    This is good for a first grow.
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    Miracle-Gro Good or Bad???

    If you use MG be sure not to overfeed it. Most of the MG soils come with nutes already in the soil that the plant can live off of for a while.
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    100watts a plant???

    Yes, but its really the amount of lumens per plant. More lumens, more bud. Good luck.
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    150w HPS Club: Inspirational Resource
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    Cheap 150 Watt HPS

    Found a cheap 150 watt HPS for only $43. Just thought it would be a good find and should post it for people short on money but could use a decent light.
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    Cabinet Lighting

    If you have good vents you could go 400w. The more light, the better. Just have to make sure your temps are right.
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    70 Watt HPS?

    bump...nobody has any input? It would be appreciated.
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    70 Watt HPS?

    Just need a little advice. I'm growing very small plants inside of 1 rubber=maid flipped upside down. I have just the 70 watt bulb sticking inside of the rubber=maid about a foot away from the plants. Is 70 watts enough for a personal but decent grow? I'm wanting to go 12/12 from seed and i...
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    5 weeks into flowering and almost seems ready to harvest????????????

    i would atleast give it 8-9 weeks flowering
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    Can I Grow A Pound of Dope in 9 Weeks?

    yeah i want to see this
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    250W HPS vs 400W MH

    i would use both
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    anybody from south ms? gulf coast?
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    check my other grow i promise you i'm not a cop
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    Is anybody from Mississippi? If so which part?
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    Before flowering?

    isn't the fan leaf what the plant that goes through photosynthesis to produce energy?