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    Droopy leaves 5 gal DWC/First grow

    You need more light and to ditch the heater. Your res should be fine without the heater unless it is really cold like below 50. Make sure your water level is not too high either, just below the net pot is fine and make sure the net pot is not being completely saturated. Good luck with your...
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    Flood cycle. Why not more often?

    The biggest factor in how often you flood is how fast your medium dries and how adequate the drainage is. Rockwool and mediums that hold water tend to need to be watered less while hydroton, lava rock, and perlite need to be watered more at varying levels as they each hold more or less or drain...
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    RDWC SCROG round 2

    OP, I am just curious how high your screen is placed over the top of the plants? Also aside from the arguing above your plants do look good and healthy. Do you intend to top the plants now before the flip taking them back down to level with the screen? Or have you topped them already and that...
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    Cycle Two

    Nice setup there and looking good too. knb Noticed a ballast by a source of water... This can be a huge problem if your not careful, for such a setup I am sure you already know that though. Just saying keep all electrical above any water level in the room.
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    Confused about scrog ??? Expert help

    Lollipopping or whatever is actually just taking all of the under growth and side branching off of the short veged clone so that it only grows one top. All the energy so to speak, that would have been used on what is taken off is focused on the main flower in 12/12. I call them lean, mean bud...
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    Flood/drain- rockwool/hydroton, how often to flood

    Once you have roots out of the cubes you don't have to soak the cubes anymore, just make sure the roots are getting wet and the flood level is below the cubes. This works pretty good but truly it is better to just make sure your not keeping them too saturated. Hellraizer's times are what I use...
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    Confused about scrog ??? Expert help

    ^ good explanation. Just think or visualize a vine running up a wall. Same concept here only your using a screen as a wall and forcing the plant to grow under the screen. As mentioned above you want to veg long enough to get about 60% of the screen filled depending on strain (if you run scrog...
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    38 days in flowering , white hairs but no buds.. whats wrong

    One more thing that no one addressed is the brown pistils, this is most likely heat stress that is causing this. Good luck with your grow! KnB
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    38 days in flowering , white hairs but no buds.. whats wrong

    Wow, answers all over the place here. You need to light proof your res and focus the lights closer to the plants. You should also add a stronger fan and blow it at the light to keep the heat moving around the bulb. As the heat stays stagnant around the bulb it builds up and this makes it...
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    good germination techniques

    The advice about the rockwool getting too damp applies in any application, I flood and drain and when you use rockwool you should only water during lights on. Also you should water less than with a media such as hydroton or perlite that doesn't hold water. For DWC or RDWC you just need to make...
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    Got some seeds in my beautiful buds. Why?

    Sounds like bad luck on getting seeds every run in your buds when you're running feminized gear. I have had a few fem seed plants hermie but never even close to 50%. To the OP, have you looked at the conditions in your room to make sure that you don't have any light leaks? I am just curious...
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    Never expected them soooo BIG

    Also a small desk fan works good when aimed at just under the light so that it keeps the tops of the plants moving slightly and keeps the hot air under the hood moving. This has helped save my ass a couple of times, also it works good for bud rot if you see it starting early. KnB
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    good germination techniques

    Rockwool or Rapid Rooters work well and pretty much work the same way. The worst thing you can do to your seeds is over water them, if you follow the directions on the rapid rooters in regards to soaking them they will work well. Also with rockwool it works the same way, soak them and then...
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    Rubber maid tote yield?

    7-14 grams a plant from rooted clone. If you do well that is, and if under a 600 I would start them at 8-12 inches tall. Good luck with your plan. KnB
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    Am I ready to Harvest!? See Pictures..

    2-3 more weeks IMO. Your going to want to see the hairs change to orange then red it looks like, so watch for them to ripen. You should be able to tell when it's done. KnB
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    Scales...What kind do you use?

    The blade models are nice and hold up. They are pretty cheap so if it breaks it's not a big deal, also it is pretty accurate. KnB
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    Basement setup but big ventilation problem

    MrMeanGreen is right, your going to have to keep your lights in a sealed loop system. You will definitely need some good hoods and I would split the room as recommended. Pulling cool air over your bulbs through your hoods and out of the room is going to be the answer to keeping the room cool...
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    Dehumidifiers, Moisture absorbers, To aid drying.

    That stuff is the same as DampRid, it will definitely help as long as nothing touches it. I use it when I am drying and just put one of those in the room to keep the humidity levels in check. The closer it is placed to the product the better or faster it will work since your not producing...
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    Curing super dense flowers

    If your getting mold I would think that the conditions you're drying in are too warm. Try lowering your drying temps for at least the beginning of drying. Also you might want to try lowering your humidity levels as well. The fan at high speed will work if you do it right but if not your bud...
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    Occasional pain after Orgasm

    I think you need to go see a doctor as the problem is in the urinary tract. There may not be anything that can be done though if the tract is getting pinched or not closing properly during the erection which can happen and cause the discomfort your speaking of. It may have been worse when you...