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  1. Moganj

    Everything MMA Thread

    All I want to say is FUCK GREG "go get some fans" JACKSON... ..
  2. Moganj

    Canadian living in the UK, wishing she was in the US of A!

    Hey cheeba really good to meet ya as well, nice comparison your description sounds just like my fam describe canada.. I'm also a northerner, born and bred yorkshire man who gets sick of grey skies and, but have also lived and ran my own business in london between 2005- 2008 in camden...
  3. Moganj

    Canadian living in the UK, wishing she was in the US of A!

    Hey cheeba.. am in uk as well born and bred and also an oldie in my 30s... have been thinking of emigrating to canada, have family in calgary and vancouver, Have never been but when family visits they always tell me how much better it is over there, more space, better attitudes, friendlier...
  4. Moganj

    Mma Fans Come On In

    So then guys.... who do you thinks gonna win outa Hardy and Lytle next monday.... I think Lytle got this 1 no problem, Hardy might get his P45 if he losses this 1... but i'm also looking forward to Miller vs Hederson, both of these guys look solid, this fights gonna b a propa war.... I think...
  5. Moganj

    Mma Fans Come On In

    Hi guys... just seen this thread... am massive mma fan, i think fedor vs hendo is gonna be epic, both are warriors, think fedor might just edge a decision but could go either way...
  6. Moganj

    any idea what this might be?

    Them balls are the time release nutrients, when they get wet they release nutrients......