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    Dry dry dry

    Oh I am growing but the girls( hopefully) I just put then into flowering yesterday. I have met a few people just not very dependable when it comes to green.
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    Dry dry dry

    Yeah I figured as much but it was worth a shot I thought lol
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    Dry dry dry

    I am not a cop or any government official. I just moved near madisonville tn and I can't fond any weed anywhere!!! If someone would like to gain a new friend and help me out please pm me!!!! My girl and I are running out of resin!
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    Hopefully Female

    I have about 8 that way i make sure i have at least one female. I am using a cab lined with mylar, cfls, 2 6in fans rated at 240 cfms and mg soil untill i get everything down and then to FF.
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    Hopefully Female

    Yeah she (hopefully :) ) is about a week or so old
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    Hopefully Female

    Hey guys! I am hopeing this is female however it could still be a little early to tell. What do you guys think?
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    Fox Farms Ocean Forest Rant

    I have heard that lady bugs kill spider mites as well as other pests. I hope thats true because I have them everywhere LOL
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    Bong Liquids?

    I am moving to a snowy region soon so I will have to try that one out.
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    Buds for Less - CFL BOOK

    Mine ships tomorrow. :) I cant wait.
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    What 400w hps would u choose?

    Hey guys whats up? I am having a little trouble deciding on what hps to get. this link is for 100$ this one is for 150 and i would have to wait on it to get here.
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    Can you really alter the flavor?

    I agree with Jondamon. I want my weed to tastes like it is meant to taste. :)
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    watch as i take my girls top off!! She may not like it but I took lots of PICS!!

    Wow seems like the white lighter thing is bigger than I thought as well. ;)
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    This thread helped me out a lot! I was thinking I was going to go with bigger fans but with my 24"x24"x70 ill go with 2 65cfm for intake, exhaust and a larger one to pull heat from my 400wt hps with cool tube.
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    I am going to go with the Fox Farm nuits as well as the soil.
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    Mylar VS White Paint

    Thanks for all the help guys. I am going to try the emergency blanket idea. Its a shitload cheaper than mylar and seems to be just as good.
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    Mylar VS White Paint

    I have heard that white paint is just as good as mylar. I was just wanting some opinions. If it is just as good Ill paint it if not Ill go with mylar.