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  1. stemseed

    Too gain an inch on ur penis

    Lookup the hydromax extreme... male pornstars use it to make them bigger. I've also heard good things about it.
  2. stemseed

    GQ's Mini Sea of Green Grow (organic, household LEDs, red solo cups)

    Hey Ganja Queen! I used to follow one of your old grows, glad to see you back growing. What is the purpose of putting clones in ziplock bags? Do they need more humidity to root?
  3. stemseed

    Haven't been here in forever

    Well I love the design. and miss the people!! Hope everyone is doing well :) Checking in -Stem
  4. stemseed

    i'm baaaaaaaackkkk :)

    Hello everybody. I've been away for a while due to life difficulties, but im now 18 and more stable and my growing aspirations should be coming true sooner then later. I've missed everybody. :blsmoke: Stem
  5. stemseed

    Cali's Kush Journal..19 Clones/2000 Watts.

    I know im late but amazing work on the lavender grow, harvest, and cure. _{peace}{{
  6. stemseed

    Who smokes spliffs

    I'm about to roll one now :) SPliffs can never really go out of "style". They have their place... Stem :blsmoke:
  7. stemseed

    Martin Luther King day tmrw

    Love the idea Inneedofbuds, but I'd like to see a PLAN and ACTION to stop or change these things, which most people wine about without much action to back these strong words up. It takes action to rally a change. it takes many people willing to live and die for the cause to truly make a...
  8. stemseed

    wtf... [resin smoke out] Stem

  9. stemseed

    wtf... [resin smoke out] Stem

    Wow bongsmilie So there you are... sittin around loving life. nice day out little chilly and snowy but the sun shines nice and beautifuly. ---- BUTTT you open up your wonderful stash and remember..... it's empty? okay well, bleh you knew this... but on MLK day?! whattt time to re-up. you set...
  10. stemseed

    Martin Luther King day tmrw

    wtfookbongsmilie either im overly blazed or im in shock :peace: love, Stem
  11. stemseed

    Martin Luther King day tmrw

    That one stumped me too.
  12. stemseed

    Martin Luther King day tmrw

    regardless, it's not about petty words, it's about spreading love. and it's about his struggles, and courage.
  13. stemseed

    The Making Of A Monster!

    haha right on :joint:
  14. stemseed

    Martin Luther King day tmrw

    Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968 ) , was one of the main leaders of the American civil rights movement. King was a Baptist minister, one of the few leadership roles available to black men at the time. He became a civil rights activist early in his career. He led...
  15. stemseed

    Martin Luther King day tmrw

    bongsmilie So, the great day has come. I also like to take this day to honor the great Gandhi... both of which have taught me many things about life in general, so this is my time to pay homage to them. turth, honesty, purity, love, peacful resistence, knowing, learning, growing, changing...
  16. stemseed

    Wake n Bake, Nothing Better!

    ' :) yea:joint: just finished off my stash, gunna restock tmrw bongsmilie
  17. stemseed

    The Making Of A Monster!

    Supercrop? :peace:
  18. stemseed

    Wake n Bake, Nothing Better!

    im at lunch in bake :) or more like bake n lunch =) Stem
  19. stemseed

    Diving right in - my journal

  20. stemseed

    Streaming Server Just for Roll It Up Users

    Who is ziggy?bongsmiliebongsmilie