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  1. GranDaddy Purple

    Dried Budz not much smell or taste???????

    does light make a difference during curing?
  2. GranDaddy Purple

    Number of plants that can go in an ebb and flow system???

    You will need a minimum of one square foot of tray space per plant. You should have room for three plants.
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    Yes. It's called indoor hydroponic cloning. :weed:
  4. GranDaddy Purple

    Pissed on my Plant

    Actually in some areas they are recycling waste water. Yup, filtered pee out of your tap. some of you may very well be irragating your crop with recycled pee pee now without knowing it! Got RO?
  5. GranDaddy Purple

    Does smoking Seeds make you impotent?

    Smoking seeds makes you stupid. No wait a minute, Smoking seeds is stupid. They taste bad, give me a headache and those little suckers almost shot my eye out when popping!
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    Ahhh, this looks like an open door to show off my doggies. Yup, one is a pit/boxer mix. We call him a pitster.
  7. GranDaddy Purple

    What's your record for number of smoked cones.. or bowls.. whatever you call it.

    My son and I went through 1 oz in 14 hours while harvesting. Most of which was consumed in a vaporizor, however there were a few joints, bowls and bongs included.
  8. GranDaddy Purple

    Whats the meanest thing you've ever done?

    This may not be the meanest, but surely the funniest. My ex-brother in law had just gotten out of the army and was living with my ex-wife and myself. He stayed home eating everything in site all day while we went to work. I finally got tired of it and bought some dog treats that looked and...
  9. GranDaddy Purple

    How Much Dough For Your Medical Dro?

    That is a steep price, you came out well. Price will vary depending on supply and demand, quality and your relationship with the dispensary.
  10. GranDaddy Purple

    Can a new grower get some knowledge?

    Move to a safe access state if you do not already live in one. Get a Doctor prescription for medical cannibus. This will allow you to grow 12 plants or more with proper paper work.
  11. GranDaddy Purple

    Doing the Greenback Laundry

    Buy a safe and have it in a SAFE place. Small portable safes are no good. Invest in gold. This woun't help to launder, but will keep it safe and hidden.
  12. GranDaddy Purple

    Non-Toxic Inexpensive Spider Mite Control

    I have tried a few different spider mite elimination concoctions including but not limited to Neem oil, dish washing detergent, bug bombs and SMC Leaf Wash. The neem oil had a bad smell and I did not feel safe using it while flowering, and let's face it, during flowering is when the little...
  13. GranDaddy Purple

    Nutrients for the Beginner ???

    Try the DNF A&B or Super A&B formulas. They have a two part grow and a two part flower formula. Just add equal parts of A and B, instead of the standard 3 part formulas.
  14. GranDaddy Purple

    Molasses or no Molasses? You tell me

    Very good advice!!!
  15. GranDaddy Purple

    THC vs CBD

    BTW, here is what else you can find in your favorive herb... CBN (Cannabinol) is produced as THC ages and breaks down, this process is known as oxidization. High levels of CBN tend to make the user feel messed up rather than high. CBN levels can be kept to a minimum by storing cannabis...
  16. GranDaddy Purple

    THC vs CBD

    We have all seen the question "when do I harvest?" and the usual answer is when the hair is turning red. Here is a question for some of the veteran growers below... THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) gets a user high, a larger THC content will produce a stronger high. Without THC you don't get high...
  17. GranDaddy Purple

    Welcome New Members!

    Greetings one and all, I am a 35 year card carrying member of NORML and 3 year medical cannabis patient. After a few successful attempts at growing indoor hydro nugs, I now help to keep some of my local co-ops stocked in dry product. The first 20 years of my working career were spent...
  18. GranDaddy Purple

    Curing larger buds?

    I got my jars from Walmart. They have some nice 2-3 gallon size jars with easy lift-off, air tight lids. Around $9 each.
  19. GranDaddy Purple

    Custom Made Trimmer Machines

    Ahh yes, trimming by hand allows you to get sticky fingers and scizzors. Roll it up like a booger and put it in your pipe. Nuthin better than finger booger hash. :hump:
  20. GranDaddy Purple

    Molasses or no Molasses? You tell me

    Interesting.... I have an ebb/flood hydro system and have been using Clearex on the second to last week, then clear RO on the final week. Clearex's main ingredients are sucrose and glucose A.K.A. sugar. I have purchased a bottle of Plantation black strap molasses and plan to use it in place of...