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  1. Antidote Man


    Some of you are outright grimy small time criminals! LOL. i can only imagine what's not being admitted here. It's nice to know I'm not the only crazy MF that's lost my mind and done some real damage to society. without hurting anyone, of course.
  2. Antidote Man

    F2 Pheno Hunt Advice

    I'm finding the old Dutch strains keep that skunk funk odor more so than a lot of these later American strains. I'm also popping 1 seed each, from 8-9 strains, over multiple grows, another 8-9 strains, etc, and getting good rate of females, some are FEM already, but for the most part I'm...
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    I once went to NYC with my favorite lady, Aunt Jemima, and left her sloppy, wet, sticky, thick pancake syrup lovin' all over the subway walkways and drizzled over about two dozens expensive ass cars, and when I was done, I threw her away like an empty container, and that bitch didn't even call...
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    Pix That Make You LOL-Warning-SNWS

  5. Antidote Man

    How do I make my own Headband?

    I would buy Headband from PSB, 3 seeds. I would also buy the 707, the 818 and random others from different seed vendors and try them all and see which one is closest to what you had...
  6. Antidote Man

    Wtb seeds

    Wait till you grow it. I have had bubblegum from dispensaries, never smelled anything like real bubblegum. I recently grew Dawson's Sour Bubble F2, no bubbblegum, still a great unique plant. The FDM was like waaahhhht. I have half a small jar left and it's crisp, turning brown and still has...
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    Antidote Man's Small Time Criminal Closet Grow-OP

    UPDATE**** The ex said as the day went on she felt high and realized as she came down that night that it was a very positive, up high, and not too strong and now she wants more of it. I told her to finish the joint!
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    Taskenti from Cannabiogen. The real hashplant

    Do you have any seeds for sale or trade?
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    Antidote Man's Small Time Criminal Closet Grow-OP

    Went for a hike with my ex to my favorite rattlesnake denning area in Ulster County, NY. Didn't see any snakes but I got her to smoke half a joint of Jean Guy. It's nice to know I can still roll up a good spliff. She doesn't smoke like, big inhales and coughing, more like smoking a cigarette but...
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    Searching for the best grape/purple strains

    They are the only bank that has hawgsbreath trinity aloha white widow cinex afghani bullrider kryptonite m39 the list goes on. My experience is they are legit and im finicky and informed Like any bank that sells fems from rare clones you might get a bad seed or a mixed up strain but im willing...
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    Antidote Man's Small Time Criminal Closet Grow-OP

    I found this description valuable: Clearly the Killer Queen flavor in the Kryptonite is pronounced - that is exactly how I would describe it - black cherry for certain. And just more proof that it is as PSB labeled and sold it as.
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    Cornfield grow

    six weeks and you'll have some nice buds, smokable. but 7-8 for fully ripe... just my op
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    Cornfield grow

    Awesome, but if you're in a no grow state, I'd be worried about the helicops. Those would stick out like a duck with two dicks. Also, if you're harvesting in a week, don't expect anything smokable. Those plants need 2 more months..
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    Searching for the best grape/purple strains

    Pacific Seedbank has everything mentioned and more purples also..
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    Cannabis Use Disorder

    I believe marijuana is psychologically addictive. I'm addicted to growing it, the smells, etc, and I don't even smoke. I also give it a lot of power. I absolutely believe it's a sacred flower.
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    Sour diesel

    I called all of this. Read my posts... :D Now... if anyone wants ECSD, get it from Greenthumb. Closest you're going to get...
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    Antidote Man's Small Time Criminal Closet Grow-OP

    I cant explain it well. Haven't been around a lot of weed for some time, LA Pure Kush is as kush as I've had for years. It's berry for certain and menthol/mint. It really smells when you squeeze it, maybe black cherry menthol would be the way to describe it. I have story a I've shared everywhere...
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    Attitude seedbank will no longer receive my praise or my business.

    I've learned the same thing. You can get most of those strains from Pacific Seed Bank without any worry. Attitude, Linda, and a few of the others do have a good stock and all the old classic Dutch strains, but its a hassle withtheir rules and shipping/payment issues that I work around with...
  19. Antidote Man

    Antidote Man's Small Time Criminal Closet Grow-OP

    Kryptonite is the best...