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  1. jalexjohar

    Anyone growing Compound Genetics stuff ?

    Anybody know when the next the drop might be? And what it might be? Just curious.
  2. jalexjohar

    hasd anyone grown Big Smooth from Exotic Genetix?

    I've smoked this strain a good amount. Super sweet blueberry pancake smell and tastes super creamy with blueberry on the backend. The high grinned me out as well! I got some seeds of it as well I'll be partaking in soon.
  3. jalexjohar

    Tiki Madman

    Do you have harvest pictures of your Gushers x Sunset Sherbert ? I'd love to see em :) just dropped 2 of em in water recently
  4. jalexjohar

    Symbiotic Genetics

    I got the Miracle Fruit and now I might have to get one of those XD I hope they do the Mimosa #26 cross. It's more indica leaning but extremely flavorful with more of a balance between grape and orange terps.
  5. jalexjohar

    What beans are you popping in the year of our lord- 2021?

    Here's my current lineup, cheers :bigjoint: Currently Growing: ================== GMO (Skunkmasterflex cut) Wedding Cake (Jbeezy Cut) Slurricane #7 S1 (In House Genetics) Burning Man - Spirit in The Sky x Triple OG (Exotic Genetix) Next Grow: ================== Miracle Fruit - Super Lemon Haze...
  6. jalexjohar

    Was planning on picking up the Gushers x Sunset Sherbert BX from Tiki Madman. Do you have...

    Was planning on picking up the Gushers x Sunset Sherbert BX from Tiki Madman. Do you have harvest pics of that plant? Do you recommend it? Thanks!
  7. jalexjohar

    Symbiotic Genetics

    I saw that horror seeds has some new Mimosa v6 Crosses from Symbiotic Genetics that are coming out soon! I'm looking more for the sweet crosses, so might get Miracle Fruit (Mimosa V6 x Super Lemon Haze), but the original also sounds like an already proven winner! What should I get? Cheers:bigjoint: