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  1. Growing24/7

    Heaviest bud you ever grew (dry)

    All 4 weighed 20 grams, some were a little over and under 5 grams. 100 watt LED btw (1.2 grams per watt)
  2. Growing24/7

    Southern Ontario Growers

    For outdoor its a tough choice, i try to pick strains with the best resistance to mold/cold weather and not too strong of a smell. Indoors i don't have to worry at all about mold ever as long as you do it right and like to grow the most stankiest strains if i have the choice
  3. Growing24/7

    Best way to transplant?

    Flip over a 5 foot plant while having the top of it scrape the ground as your taking the pot out, put her in the new pot and she'll live. Or just do it the regular way and be more careful, that works too. Re potting isn't as hard as you think, but if you want less stress time there are ways to...
  4. Growing24/7

    Chlorine vs Chloramine in your tap water

    How does that affect the PPM though?
  5. Growing24/7

    Southern Ontario Growers

    This could just be my experience so take it as my own opinion, but i had a little powdery mildew last year on my outdoor right before harvest, only on the fan leaves and none on the buds i could see. I definetly could tell there was a harshness to it i can't describe and my allergies were bad...
  6. Growing24/7

    Greater Toronto Area growers 2019

    Remember that purple nuken i harvested a few posts up? This is how it looks 1 week into cure smells and tastes unreal, i can't believe i grew this outdoors.
  7. Growing24/7

    Southern Ontario Growers

    Yessir! i don't know what i'm doing but i'm going to treat it like weed and try to get the right humidity stable in a jar while burping it, i let it dry in small pieces for 24-36 hours before balling it up.
  8. Growing24/7

    Southern Ontario Growers

    First time making bubble hash last night, smokes very well!
  9. Growing24/7

    Southern Ontario Growers

    Might experiment with these in the future, but i gotta say these 8 ball seeds do look pretty..
  10. Growing24/7

    What is YOUR "Golden" rule for a heavy healthy yield?

    Best answer out there. I want to see the best grower in the world grow a plant with the worst possibly yield in genetics (Which is impossible because we can never know until we grow it sadly, but if we could, lets just say he wouldn't get much lolol). How much grams per watt would they get? I'm...
  11. Growing24/7

    Southern Ontario Growers

    Good news and bad news, the good news is she smells and smokes great with amazing terps and great quality high... Bad news is, my research was right and flowering from being put outside too early and then revegging caused it to herm i think. Already found 15+ seeds just hanging it and spreading...
  12. Growing24/7

    What is YOUR "Golden" rule for a heavy healthy yield?

    I almost cried when i tried the 3 strains i just harvested, they all taste great and are so smooth. They looked great but the real test comes from smoking it
  13. Growing24/7

    When do your plants start to smell?

    When your neighbor comes to your door and asks why his kitchen reeks. Happened today, i have the nicest neighbor luckily.
  14. Growing24/7

    How many milliliters of water does an average plant need a day

    Keep giving it shots of water until the bottom starts puking, just like college
  15. Growing24/7

    When do your plants start to smell?

    Some strains smell crazy starting at week 3, i've had strains that smelt meh until week 7-8 then ended up being my favorite with such a strong ripe smell.
  16. Growing24/7

    Growing in Canada Eh?

    This is the nuken, the jar has stabilized at 65% humidity after a few days. was 62 at first. One of my best dries, smells amazing.
  17. Growing24/7

    Me honestly think tha--- *hits blunt* *cough* that uh that thing... Ugh Wait what are we...

    Me honestly think tha--- *hits blunt* *cough* that uh that thing... Ugh Wait what are we talking about.?
  18. Growing24/7

    Southern Ontario Growers

    Just took down the 8 ball, she flowered and revegged as well as lost almost all the big fan leaves she had by week 5 of true flower somehow she pulled through, I was not amazed at the smell for the first 7-8 weeks of flower, but 2 weeks ago it started to smell better and right now it smells...
  19. Growing24/7

    What is YOUR "Golden" rule for a heavy healthy yield?

    Outdoors, my rules change.. Indoors, i wait for the calyxes to swell and the buds to start smelling ripe with at least 5-10% amber. If i see over 30% amber on a cola i went too far for my liking