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  1. 7CardBud

    Got guns?

    Who needs "high cap' mags when you got two pounds of grapeshot.
  2. 7CardBud

    Ph Down, good or bad?

    pH doesn't really matter for clones since they don't absorb much if any nutrients at all. I know some companies make clone nutrient solutions, but I have always done plain water when using aero buckets and been fine.
  3. 7CardBud

    Mean Well drivers and dimming

    I did a quick search are there are numerous bluetooth PWM dimmers, but they all need a sperate 12-24V power supply.
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    Gun control is coming

    Quite a bit of that in the anti crowd. My favorite one is of a lady describing how Barrett rifles could fire anti material rounds capable of tracking heat signatures and down aircraft by locking on to the engines. My guess was they were trying to say that a Barret rifle was just a dangerous as...
  5. 7CardBud

    Gun control is coming

    Link didn't work for me, but I think I found it: DOJ article by Michael Shader. Very interesting read. So, it seems that these shithole communities are so far down into a negative feedback loop the only real option is escape. It's extremely sad really...they are pretty much saying your FFB...
  6. 7CardBud

    Gun control is coming

    Why is it wrong to sentence violent people harsher than some dude that grew a bunch of plants for profit. Is it wrong or not an effective deterrent? Handguns not used for defense? If you include police shootings the use of a handgun in the defense of self or others is much higher than criminal...
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    Gun control is coming

    I think the better statement is handguns are made for self defense.....bears, people, dogs, brain sucking aliens or whatever.
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    Gun control is coming

    I don't know what makes a criminal a criminal. Maybe it's a self-destructive drive similar to a junkie. Nothing can really be done to change or deter the behavior. That might be the case since it's pretty common to have life long offenders. Longer sentences by the basic math are alleviating the...
  9. 7CardBud

    Gun control is coming

    People in these crime riddled shitholes need to get motivated and pressure their legislatures to get some stiff mandatory sentences on the books for violent crimes. Make the use of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime another charge that adds more mandatory time. Take the power...
  10. 7CardBud

    Watering Devices

    A funnel that will fit 1/2 tube, hose clamp, 3 pieces 1/2 T's and some 1/2 Tube. Tie the funnel up in the top corner and dump away. You could also swap the funnel for a bucket and a pump with a 1/2 barb.
  11. 7CardBud

    Meanwell XLG 320 vs HLG320

    I think people are bit thrown off by the fact you're asking for basic information about components after having a pcb designed. Most people...I would think get educated about the components and characteristics before design begins. Don't get me wrong.... learning and trying new things is great...
  12. 7CardBud

    The Bruce Bugbee Method

    I have followed a lot of Nugbee's work and find it very solid and informative. After trying his 50/50 peat mix, I didn't find it well suited for general growing. It stays way too soggy for too long with all the vermiculite and no perlite. You can also mix up your own Promix/soilless mix if you...
  13. 7CardBud

    Besides basic NPK, what's your "secret sauce?"

    A use whatever cheap salts I can source with an acid and K2SiO3.
  14. 7CardBud

    T5 Lights Double In Price?

    Boo-Urns....I still like T5 lights for certain applications. The amount of light and heat given off is perfect for a propagation area.
  15. 7CardBud

    Meanwell XLG 320 vs HLG320

    Looks like HLG took down the efficiency chart on the website for the older boards. The desired amperage is up to the user. After that is set, the driver will self adjust the volts needed to overcome the voltage drop over the circuit, as long as it is under the max rating. For example, if a...
  16. 7CardBud

    Meanwell XLG 320 vs HLG320

    I believe the main difference is in the warranty.
  17. 7CardBud

    Aeroponic Cloners

    I think the only reason to run a timer would be to reduce the rez heat and have less chance for rot. The pump will probably last longer running 24/7 instead of numerous start/stop cycles.
  18. 7CardBud

    What nutrients are you guys using

    Even if there was some magic NPK for cannabis what legitimate reasons can they justify hitting the market at such prices over Osmocote? Is there some massive materials or labor cost to make a canna specific NPK? 6 pounds of 16-11-11 grow dots for $150 or 50 pounds of Osmocote 15-9-12 for the...
  19. 7CardBud

    Pro Mix?

    There is Berger BM6 also, I found it in my area for half the price of Sunshine or Promix. It was actually cleaner than my last few bails or Promix.
  20. 7CardBud

    Anyone in the US having issues with getting soil, nutrients, etc at your local hydro shops?

    I had one of my cards block Buffalo Bore because the make lead pills that are not FDA approved.