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  1. Adonis

    just another 12/12 from seed comment

    I thought it might be fun to try 12/12 from seed so 3 weeks into growth I have a short bushy set of twins. I top all my plants now and I plan to top these three times each. They showed pistils at two weeks (which really blew me away) so cool! They are growing at exactly the same rate they're...
  2. Adonis

    Got Hot, real Hot

    Our outdoor temps rose nearly 40 degrees and caught me off-guard over the weekend. The grow room temp rose to 110 for 48 hours. Only one of my ten girls was affected, it began foxtailing the very next day. Interesting thing, suddenly the trichomes on the foxtailing plant have turned to 50% amber...
  3. Adonis

    Blue Dream 150w hps

    OK, since there is no science being offered here I'm just going to assume we flush but we don't know exactly why, it just works, ok got it. I attribute my soil health, (which I use over and over) to heavy use of worm castings, which I produce myself (about 1 ton a week). Our farm is self...
  4. Adonis

    Blue Dream 150w hps

    thus forcing the plant to use the last of its resources and fully mature. What is your science based on? Can you explain it? everyone i know who grows flushes their plants. period. I do not flush my plants, I grow organically with soil I make. Everyone used to use DDT too but we all saw...
  5. Adonis

    Blue Dream 150w hps

    It's snowing 5 feet from my girls, but its tropical inside the room :) Even the larger leaves are crystallizing
  6. Adonis

    Blue Dream 150w hps

    Blue Dream CFL grow week 4 flower.
  7. Adonis

    worm castings?

    As a commercial producer of organic worm castings I have used 50% castings as well as just worm tea for food. The use of just worm tea worked fine but I didn't quite get the yields as compared to using organic nutes, guano, kelp etc. Worm tea is not so much about nutrients as it is about...
  8. Adonis

    First Tymer with Blue dream Clones!! Time to Transplant?

    What I meant was, Blue Dream grows tall, I know cuz its all I grow, you mentioned a 4' ceiling right? Better do a lot of LST and topping
  9. Adonis

    All about hermies.

    My seeds came from female clones fertilized by a hermie. I have grown 63 of the plants and have yet to see a male or a hermie, even when I severely stress out the females.
  10. Adonis

    First Tymer with Blue dream Clones!! Time to Transplant?

    Those are very stretchy plants, 4'?
  11. Adonis

    4 Firemen shot 2 killed

    It's primary motive is to protect the 2nd Amendment. Does anybody research around here before spraying?
  12. Adonis

    4 Firemen shot 2 killed

    Well said BRabiej
  13. Adonis

    4 Firemen shot 2 killed

    That is such a stupid thing to say. The NRA is funded by 5 million members all paying dues. Gun manufacturers certainly do support and contribute, but what would you expect them to do, protest? Your definition is not the definition of insanity, that is just an old cliche, people who have not a...
  14. Adonis

    How many have seen a gun pulled on another, except legally by cops?

    HAd two scumbag bikers try to assault a group of families while at a very secluded hot spring. When I heard the commotion (at 2am) I stood back in the darkness, warned them to leave us alone. When they responded with a "fuck You Pussy" I unloaded a full clip from my AR-15 over their heads (I am...
  15. Adonis

    Growth seems slow 6 weeks from seed

    I use CFL's, I always have short bushes. With CFL you tend to have extremely thick stems, massive growth but never tall. Even my Blue Dream rarely goes above 24" at 8 weeks veg. You will notice extensive root growth with CFL, requiring large pots right from the start. In the beginning I had to...
  16. Adonis

    4 Firemen shot 2 killed

    That is an emotional response, weak minded people respond emotionally without rational thought or critical thinking. I know one thing, if you were staring down the barrel of an evil mans' gun, you'd be wishing you would have had your own.
  17. Adonis

    What do you think of my box

    I still don't understand why you are using a box if you don't have to. Your product will be inferior compared to just growing in your house. Stealth grows are a LAST option, not a BEST option. Not trying to give you shit bro, if it's what you want then go for it, good luck ! :)
  18. Adonis

    What do you think of my box

    If there is any way at all you can avoid that little box you'll have a much easier time learning. You say you want a box because it's easier to control the environment? I'll be honest so don't take offence but control is what gets us into trouble. These plants know exactly what they need...
  19. Adonis

    ok something WEIRD just happened (PLEASE READ)

    Sure he could but the problem is some homes have horrible grounding, usually from the original construction. The electrician could have been stoned or maybe the equipment less than adequate. There are many reasons but since there is no way to really know, it doesn't hurt to just drive a rod into...
  20. Adonis

    Hey gun nuts, is this your idea of a perfect society?

    "And yet, an 11 year old from a good family, etc, was arrested last week. He carried a gun to school for the first time. He said he felt like someone had to be armed. No one was protecting him, at school" He was exhibiting the wrong execution of the right idea. Are you one of these people...