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  1. Grojak


    Actually extracts work with Glycerine too but you last sentence is the most important. My first trial of flavoring (peperming extract) I separated a couple ounces to flavor.I just poured a little in the lid and it was like 5 drops, way too much!
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    What kind of tincture did you make, alcohol or glycerine or?
  3. Grojak

    What Breeder would you label "The Saint of Cannabis" today?

    Simon @ Serious is my GOAT, he doesn’t have 30 strains but his fingerprints are everywhere. AK47 and White Rhino being his most popular and most bred to strains.
  4. Grojak

    Flushing during early flower..

    Do you feed fertilizer every watering? If so, I would back off and water just ph’d water every 3rd feeding. If this proves to be too much you can go every other. I’ve folowed this schedule for years and it’s never let me down. in your current situation I would water with ph’d water on your...
  5. Grojak

    Flushing during early flower..

    What nutrient line are you using?
  6. Grojak

    Drinking alcohol to cure a cold. Anybody ever done it?

    My grandpa told me this when I was like 12, never forgot it and you bet so tried it.
  7. Grojak

    Strawberry Cough Bx1 a.k.a Kwahtro

    when I was the work I was pretty absent from boards, didn’t have IG then either. From 2017-21 I really didn’t login. I might have pics but nothing online. My bx started with a male I made by crossing to the clone only. I’ve not made the F2’s yet but have found girls that reflect the origional...
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    Strawberry Cough Bx1 a.k.a Kwahtro

    i don’t currently have it but I know where it is when I want it. I’m torn though, do I take it to BX2 or work the Bx1? I know of 2 cuts that go by Strawberry Cough, and people that hold them. One is sweet like strawberries, the other is sweet but has some funk overtones, I’ve not encountered...
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    Check me out @Gonzo_genetix

    Check me out @Gonzo_genetix
  10. Grojak

    Weed Porn-Lets see your current grow

    Deathstar @ day 70
  11. Grojak

    Would you top/lollipop/defoliate now?

    I would top, it’s the perfect time but don’t remove anything else unless they’re dead. Once you get 2 tops growing then I would remove some lower but at this point those lowers could become tops.
  12. Grojak

    Hunter Biden’s Laptop

    At least they put their best, most honest and bias man on the job, James Comer, the guy who wants to dismantle the FBI.
  13. Grojak

    Hunter Biden’s Laptop

    The same mf’s that turned a blind eye to the actual presidents collusion with foreign dictators are concerned about a Hunters laptop and have been on that “witch hunt” for years. Retaliation is a mf’r
  14. Grojak

    Hunter Biden’s Laptop

    Only people reporting on this is Fox and NY Post, I checked all credible sources and found nothing, hmmmm. I did not check MSNBC, as I was only using credible sources
  15. Grojak

    Hunter Biden’s Laptop

    Oh shit, Fox has obtained some of the documents? For a minute I thought they’d fall into the hands of uncredited, fear mongering, lying journalists with no ethical or moral standards! Fuck, we dodged a bullet on this one!
  16. Grojak

    Apollo 13

    G13 is an old school cut from the PNW, predates Apollo 13 by a decade or more I believe. Apollo 13 derives from Jack Herer
  17. Grojak

    Lady boys and high heels

    Girls will be boys and boys will be girls It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world
  18. Grojak

    Late flower issues

    Using LED light? If so What wattage? On at 100% How close to plants? If not using LeD disregard.
  19. Grojak

    not making a mess with the aero cloner

    If you’re not using 36 then why didn’t you get a 24? “do i need to cover all the slots even if i am not using them?” It sprays everywhere when the holes are not all plugged, yes? I think you know the answer.
  20. Grojak

    Examples of GOP Leadership

    Graham knows there is a process that must be followed, this bill is nothing more that a rallying cry, he’ll blame the dems when it doesn’t pass, not the process. More separatist ammo