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    2nd grow Help me!

    I start topping mine when it has like 4 -6 nodes or can reach the outside of my pot to train it. The earlier the better.
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    My first finished PLANT AND BUD!

    Ok So my first baby has been chopped! I did my first ever trim ( tedious as hell BTW lol) very potent smell and distinguished crystals in my opinion, my trum job needs some work obviously, but I don't think I did too bad for a wet trim, ill fix it up when she's dry if need be, but it's day 2...
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    White or clear trichs?

    It's only about 2 ft tall. Kept short for security purposes and early training for myself lol
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    White or clear trichs?

    I think she's ready, but I can't tell if this is white or clear now that I've stared at it so long lol.
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    Looks like the cold weather sneaking in has given me a surprise!

    Update on my babies, the sativa needs another week or 2 id say, but the indica looks about ready to me, a few more days maybe.... what do yall think?
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    New Wannabe Grower...Need Suggestions

    I'm a new grower myself and last year I did the same thing kind of. Somehow a seed sprouted, and I just watched over it and watered it once in awhile as it grew. It did end up having buds, but only literally about 5 or 6 and they were really small, minus the cola, (maybe enough for a bowl full...
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    16 leaf Sativa scream

    Yep...Dirtier socks lol
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    Looks like the cold weather sneaking in has given me a surprise!

    So how did purple buds turn into purple headed yogurt slinging?! Lol... Oh well as long as my plants healthy, I can care less bout all of your peens hahaha. But since you all give me advice I'll give you the best I can..... If your head is purple (either of them!) Seek medical attention b4 it...
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    Looks like the cold weather sneaking in has given me a surprise!

    So on top of everything else going pretty smoothly, looks like the cold has added a pleasantly new surprise! Seems like my ladies are changing color as well. This late on I thought for sure they would stay green but in one night, PURPLE!! hopefully this is a natural purple and not just...
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    One more week or good to go?

    Also, if were to remove all the buds after everything's ready, could i hit the bare plant stocks/branches leftover with nutes hit it with 18 hours of sun again and put it back in veg or make a clone from either of them in anyway? Kinda like resetting the process over
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    One more week or good to go?

    A month on both? I was told a month 3 weeks ago, then a month 2 weeks ago. Now again today a week later lol... oh boy. They're getting so big...and smelly..and scrumptious looking.....not sure if I'm strong enough to go another month lmao ...(but of course I will!)
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    How cold can outdoor plants survive in?

    Wow those are very pleasing to the peepers! Lol. Excellent work my dude! Hope they turn out as tasty as they look
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    One more week or good to go?

    I feel like this could be done now, but what do yall think? I kinda want a heavier high with this since its my indy, but I'm also curious as to if I keep it more milkier than amber, if I can get that spaced out head high Maybe lose my thought process, kinda giggly feeling as well as the...
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    Ready or not

    Looks beautiful, but I'd say a little longer, I see alot of clear heads still. Great job though amazing looking flower my dude! I'm right there wondering the same thing with you for mine. They're not as orange as yours but the heads of the trichonmes are milkier.. I still feel like another...
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    GMO and Our Herb... Hope this isnt becoming a reality...

    It makes sense to me now... I was bout to post a new thread asking why the medical Marijuana is less potent or has less of the natural "high" that gives me the necessary effects that I'm looking for. Even though it's more expensive, and supposed to be better... its not, definately not the...
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    Who's Got The Fostiest Buds? Let's See How Frosty A Bud Can Really Get?

    Based on how it's been going, about 2 weeks maybe for the indica, the sativa... give another maybe week or 2 on top of that? I germinated the seeda June 1st, planted June 7th, and this is what you see. Theyve been outside the whole time. But like I said before. This is my first try, so.. im...
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    Who's Got The Fostiest Buds? Let's See How Frosty A Bud Can Really Get?

    Not sure the strain but I wanna play too! First grow so I just used Both random seeds, seems like I got me an indy and a sativa though! Bout 2 -3 wks left til choppy choppy
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    Whats the best way to cut and dry?

    Well Touche Mr snappy! Lol Sorry I'm new and find this site a little different to navigate, especially when viewing pics and such, I either get full zoom or 0. Plus I didn't know the thread existed, and flipping through X amount of pages seemed frivolous when I could just pop a new post and...