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  1. Billytheluther

    How should I clean my hydroton/clay pebbles??

    Nice to see you again bro, it’s been awhile
  2. Billytheluther

    How should I clean my hydroton/clay pebbles??

    You beat me to it ,, just boil them suckers strain repeat maybe throw some iso on em once dried then repeat
  3. Billytheluther

    Tga. Still got it? Worth investing? What ya think

    Man i started collecting seeds when he passed, i was afraid they would be no longer available… most still is though.. I have A LOT of stuff that i will never get to run..
  4. Billytheluther

    Pix That Make You LOL-Warning-SNWS

    Looks a little off to be honest
  5. Billytheluther


    Looks like a lady my man
  6. Billytheluther

    Too Dry While Curing?

    I feel you bro, dont sweat it, it take a couple of fucks before you get the hang of it. Try growing different strains next time and chop at different times si you can hang everything at different times and gain more experience if that makes sense.. Id take what that perfect cure everytime...
  7. Billytheluther

    Too Dry While Curing?

    You may have over done it for some on the dry, try and burp those a little less time than the rest.. its hard to tell though by words alone, what ever you do dont listen ti people who say to introduce moisture by adding anything to the jar, ive found if always guves a hay smell, ive tried fan...
  8. Billytheluther

    Can this guerrilla grow fruit tree work for cannabis

    Why though?, other than bragging rights….
  9. Billytheluther

    In House Genetics Thread

    I like deeply rooted, only down side is you have to use bitcoin and with the conversions and fees you end up paying about 10 to 15 bucks more per pack
  10. Billytheluther

    How Do You Sativa People Do It In A 4X4?

    The weight distribution on that thing is phenomenal make you wondwr how it doesnt tip over.. Ive had to weigh down potsfor plants half that size
  11. Billytheluther

    Is this a male?

    Sure looks like it buddy
  12. Billytheluther

    Led just for Veg in a 5x5 tent?

    If you ain’t looking to flower under it just to veg and you may fill a 5x5 i feel a 480w fixture may be perfect, heck you might aswell go bigger since you can dim them.. check out the mars hydro fce serries
  13. Billytheluther

    Outdoor winter grow

    Heres an update, they’ve been flowering about 2 weeks.
  14. Billytheluther

    Top plant with tight internodal spacing?

    That looks nice, what strain is that
  15. Billytheluther

    Outdoor winter grow

    It depends on the longitude of where your growing, the further south you are the more sunlight you get, or example were im at i get a little more than an hour of sunlight per day than Chicago, and the latitude is pretty close. So then they ill have too many hours of light to flower sooner then...
  16. Billytheluther

    What's wrong?

    Theres plenty of good info on the shroomery.. You should look up on the pf tek and give it a shot, once you nail it down you’ll know how to be clean and sterile, after that you can look at spawning the brf cakes. Spawn needs to be spawned, you may be able to case it and fruit it but that defeats...
  17. Billytheluther

    TGA By Others

    The hemp depot has some subcool gear, not a very big selection though, looks like the packs are buy two get one free.
  18. Billytheluther

    Advice for first time shrooms

    id say a wet weight of 25 grams is about as potent as 3.5 dry, 35 grams will be a hell of a trip, Its hard to keep them down but believe me, they are stronger wet.
  19. Billytheluther

    Advice for first time shrooms

    Also wont do no weird shit at that low a dose, but will experience what it is